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Year Faculty Publications
2019 Safa .N. Shweihat,"The role of universities in the development of political awareness among students and ways to develop It",An-Najah University Journal for the humanities,VoL (34) Nr (10),2019
2019 Safa. N. Shweihat,Bouad M. Khales,"The Educational Impact of Social Media and Ways to Activate From Prospective of Jordanian Universities' Students",Route Education and Social Science Journal),ISSN: 2148-5518., Volume 6 (4) March 2019 PP (39-61) ,2019 [View]
2019 Safa. N. Shweihat,Siham-Alqabandi,Adel Hawatmeh,"The Degree of Obstacle Severity of Social and Cultural Voluntary Work from the Perspective of Students at the German-Jordanian ",Dirasat: Human and social sciences,VOL (46) No (1) Supplement 2, pp (265-286),2019 [View]
2019 Safa. N. Shweihat,"Value systems order in respect of its degree of significance among the German Jordanian University students",Dirasat Educational sciences,Vol (46) No. (1) Suplement 3 pp( 290-306) ,2019 [View]
2017 Safa .N. Shweihat,"The Assimilation Degree of the Principles of Knowledge Economy and Their Implementation, of Public Schools Secondary Teachers ,In Jerash Governorate in Jordan",An-Najah Research Journal-B-Humanities,VOL (30)NO (1) PP (1997-2024),2017 [View]
2017 Safa.N. Shweihat,"The Degree of Approval of Women assuming leadership roles and obstacles thereto among German Jordanian University Students",The Jordanian Journal of social sciences,University of Jordan, ISSN 20719728, 2017, Volume(10), NO (1), pp (99-118) ,2017 [View]
2019 Feras Al-Hawari,Hala Barham,"A machine learning based help desk system for IT service management",Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences, Elsevier, In press,,2019 [View]
2019 Samer Nofal,Katie Atkinson,Paul E Dunne,"On Checking Skeptical and Ideal Admissibility in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks",Information Processing Letters,Press,2019 [View]
2017 Eva Haddad,"Iran's Nuclear Deal with the P5+1 and its Impact on Iranian-Saudi Relations",Siyasat Arabiya/ Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies,Issue: 25 ,Doha,2017
2019 Jones, M.D.,Abu-Jaber, N.,AlShdaifat, A.,Baird, D.,Cook, B.I.,Cuthbert, M.O.,Dean, J.R., Djamali, M., Eastwood, W., Fleitmann, D., Haywood, A., Kwiecien, O., Larsen, J., Maher, LA., Metcalfe, SE., Parker, A., Petrie, CA., Primmer, N., Richter, T., Roberts, N.,Roe, J., Tindall, JC., Unal-Imer, E. and Weeks, L.,"20,000 years of societal vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in southwest Asia",Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water,6(2): e1330 ,2019 [View]
2019 Samer Nofal,Katie Atkinson,Paul E Dunne,Ismail Hababeh:,"A New Labelling Algorithm for Generating Preferred Extensions of Abstract Argumentation Frameworks",21st International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) ,2019
2019 Dr. Ismail Hababeh,Dr.Ammar Gharaibeh ,Dr. Samer Nofal,Dr. Issa Khalil,"An Integrated Methodology for Big Data Classification and Security for Improving Cloud Systems Data Mobility",IEEE Access 7,9153-9163 (2019),2019
2019 Shaher Momani,Dia Zeidan,"Proceedings of International Conference on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications (ICFDA)",16-18 July 2018,Amman, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ,2019 [View]
2019 D. Zeidan,P. Bähr,P. Farber,J. Gräbel,P. Ueberholz,"Numerical investigation of a mixture two-phase flow model in two-dimensional space",Computers & Fluids Volume ,Volume 181, 90-106,2019 [View]
2019 E. Goncalves,Y. Hoarau,D. Zeidan,"Simulation of shock-induced bubble collapse using a four-equation model",Shock Waves,Volume 29, Issue 1, pp 221–234,2019 [View]