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Year Faculty Publications
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2020 Abbas S., Nasif M., Al-Waked R. and Meor Said M,"Numerical investigation on the effect of Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve's implantation tilting angle and aortic root geometry on intermittent regurgitation and platelet activation",Artificial Organs,vol. 44, No. 2, pp. E20-E39,2020 [View]
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2020 Feras Al-Hawari and Mohammad Habahbeh,"Secure and robust web services for e-payment of tuition fees",International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology,13(7), pp. 1795-1801,2020 [View]
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2020 Feras Al-Hawari,"Holistic university website management: people, technology and processes",TEM Journal,9(4), pp. 1771-1779,2020 [View]
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2020 Salem Nijmeh, Bashar Hammad, Mohammad Al-Abed, Riad Bani-Khalid,"A Technical and Economic Study of a Photovoltaic–phase Change Material (PV-PCM) System in Jordan",ordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,J, Vol. 14, Number 4, pp. 371-379,2020
2020 Muhsen, H., Al-Amaydeh, O., & Al-Hamlan, R. ,"Algorithm Design for Accurate Steps Counting Based on Smartphone Sensors for Indoor Applications.",Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal,Volume 5, Issue 6, Page No 811-816,2020
2020 Hraiz, M. D., García, J. A. M., Castañeda, R. J., & Muhsen, H.,"Optimal PV Size and Location to Reduce Active Power Losses While Achieving Very High Penetration Level With Improvement in Voltage Profile Using Modified Jaya Algorithm",IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics,10(4), 1166-1174,2020