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Year Faculty Publications
2019 Rawadieh, Saleh E,Altarawneh, Ibrahem S,Batiha, Mohammad A,Leema A.,Almatarneh,Almatarneh, Mansour H.,Altarawneh, Mohammednoor,"Reaction of Hydroperoxy Radicals with Primary C1–5 Alcohols: A Profound Effect on Ignition Delay Times",Energy & Fuels,volume(33), pages = 11781-11794,2019, doi: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.9b02169,2019
2018 Ibrahem S. Altarawneh,Saleh E. Rawadieh,Mohammad A. Batiha,Leema A. Al-Makhadmeh,Mouath A Al-Shaweesh,Mohammednoor K. Altarawneh," Structures and thermodynamic stability of cobalt molybdenum oxide (CoMoO4-II)",Surface Science,Volume 677, 2018, Pages 52-59, ISSN 0039-6028,2018 [View]
2020 Joanna Kujawa,Samer Al-Gharabli,Grzegorz Wrzeszcz,Katarzyna Knozowska,Renars Lagzdins,Ewa Talik,Arkadiusz Dziedzic,Patrick Loulergue,Anthony Szymczyk,Wojciech Kujawski,"Physicochemical and magnetic properties of functionalized lanthanide oxides with enhanced hydrophobicity",Applied Surface Science,148563, ISSN 0169-4332,2020 [View]
2020 Samer Al-Gharabli,Bana Al-Omari,Wojciech Kujawski,Joanna Kujawa,"Biomimetic hybrid membranes with covalently anchored chitosan – Material design, transport and separation",Desalination,Volume 491, 2020, 114550, ISSN 0011-9164,2020 [View]
2020 Ahmad Barghash,Samer I Al-Gharabli,Malak Jweihan,Maisam Tanbouz,Esra' AlBarahmieh,Eyad Hamad,Nafisah Al-Rifai,Hussam AlHawari,Lubna H Tahtamouni,"Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Gene Polymorphism in Jordanian Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetic Patients",Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences,,13 (2),2020
2020 Joanna Kujawa,"Zirconium dioxide membranes decorated by silanes based-modifiers for membrane distillation – Material chemistry approach",Journal of Membrane Science,Volume 596, 2020, 117597, ISSN 0376-7388,2020 [View]
2019 Joanna Kujawa,Wojciech Kujawski,Aleksandra Cyganiuk,Ludovic F Dumée,Samer Al-Gharabli,"Upgrading of zirconia membrane performance in removal of hazardous VOCs from water by surface functionalization",Chemical Engineering Journal,Volume 374, 155-169.,2019
2019 Mohammad F. Khanfar,Naela Al Absi,Eyad S. M. Abu-Nameh,Munib M. Saket,Natalie Khorma,Raya Al Daoud,Nasim Alnuman,"Ag/Au Modified Nafion Coated Glassy Carbon Electrode for the Detection of Metronidazole",International Journal of Electrochemical Science,14 (2019) 3265,2019
2020 M.F. Khanfar,E. S. M. Abu-Nameh,A. T. Afaneh,M. M. Saket,A. Ahmad,W. Faraj,M. Khalil,H. Al Khotaba,M. Al Bujog,"Voltammetric detection of hydrochlorothiazide at molybdenum oxide modified screen-printed electrodes",Bulgarian Chemical Communications,51(3):305-311,2020
2020 Mohammad F. Khanfar,Eyad S. M. Abu-Nameh,Munib M. Saket,Lujain T. Al Khateeb,Akram Al Ahmad,Zeinab Asaad,Zaina Salem,"Detection of Hydrochlorothiazide, Sulfamethoxazole, and Trimethoprim at Metal Oxide Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes",International Journal of Electrochemical,1,5 (2020) 1771 – 1787,2020
2020 Eyad S. M. Abu-Nameh,Naela Al Absi,Mohammad A. Al-Wahish,Hamdallah A. Hodali,Mohammad F. Khanfar,"Electrochemical Detection of Tadalafil at Glassy Carbon Electrodes Modified with Ruthenium(II) Complex",Int. J. Electrochem. Sci.,15(2020) 6396 – 6404 ,2020
2019 Mohammad Alnaief,Balsam Mohammad,M Aljarrahb,R. M. Obaidat,"Preparation and Preliminary Characterization of Hybrid Alginate – Carrageenan Aerogel: Effect of Gelation Methods",Jordan Journal of Physics,12 (1): 79-86. ,2019 [View]
2020 Balsam T Mohammad,Punyasloke Bhadury," Thermophilic bacteria- application in industry and environment",In: Frontiers in soil and Environmental Microbiology,CRC Press, a Taylor and Francis Group. 97,2020 [View]
2020 Ibrahim, M.; Alsheikh, A.; Matar," A. Attack Graph Modeling for Implantable Pacemaker. ",Biosensors ,2020
2020 Saleem Z. Ramadan,"Methods Used in Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Breast Cancer Detection Using Mammograms: A Review",Journal of Healthcare engineering ,2020