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Year Faculty Publications
2019 Salhieh, L., Altarazi, S., & Abushaikha, I.,"Quantifying and ranking the “7-Deadly” Wastes in a warehouse environment",The TQM Journal,31 (5), 94-115.,2019
2019 AlKhatib, M., Altarazi, S,"A customized root cause analysis approach for cost overruns and schedule slippage in paper-machine-building projects",Management and Production Engineering Review,10, 83-92. ,2019
2019 Altarazi, S., Allaf, R., & Alhindawi, F,"Machine Learning Models for Predicting and Classifying the Tensile Strength of Polymeric Films Fabricated via Different Production Processes",Materials,12, 1475.,2019
2019 Al-Odeh, M., & Altarazi, S,"Supply Chain Management Information Systems Survey for Jordanian Companies",International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences,4 (3), 567-578.,2019
2020 Alshare, A., Tashtoush, B., Altarazi, S., & El-khalil, H,"Energy and Economic Analysis of a 5 MW Photovoltaic System in Northern Jordan",Case Studies in Thermal Engineering,21, 100722.,2020 [View]
2016 Samer Nofal,Katie Atkinson,Paul E. Dunne,"Looking-ahead in backtracking algorithms for abstract argumentation",Int. J. Approx. Reason,78: 265-282,2016 [View]
2020 Nizar Abu-Jaber,Sahar Al Khasawneh,Mohammad Alqudah,Catreena Hamarneh,Abdulla Al-Rawabdeh,Andrew Murray,"Lake Elji and a geological perspective on the evolution of Petra, Jordan",Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology ,557 (2020) 109904,2020 [View]
2020 Abu-Jaber, N.,Rambeau, C.,Hamarneh, C.,Lucke, B.,Inglis, R.,Alqudah, M.,"Development, distribution and palaeoenvironmental significance of terrestrial carbonates in the Petra region, southern Jordan",Quaternary International,545 (C): 3-16,2020 [View]
2020 Mohamad K. Khawaja,Mohammad F. Khanfar,Talin Oghlenian,Waed Alnahar,"Fabrication and electrochemical characterization of graphene-oxide supercapacitor electrodes with activated carbon current collectors on graphite substrates",Computers & Electrical Engineering,85, 106678,2020
2018 Vogiatzakis, I.N.,Terkenli, T.S.,Trovato, M.G.,Abu-Jaber, N.,"Landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean between the Future and the Past",Land: 2018, 7(4), 160,2018 [View]
2020 Dia Zeidan,Chi Kin Chau,Tzon‐Tzer Lu,Wei-Quan Zheng,"Mathematical studies of the solution of Burgers' equations by Adomian decomposition method",Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences,Vol. 43, Issue (5), pages: 2171-2188,2020 [View]
2020 AlTaher, Bassmah B. ,"The Revival of The Handmaid’s Tale: Empowering Women’s Rights in the Twenty-First Century",Journal of International Women's Studies,21(1), 343-352,2020 [View]
2019 AlTaher, B.,"The necessity of teaching Intercultural Communication in higher education",Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education,Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. ,2019 [View]
2020 R. AlSaleh ,C. Fuggini,"Combining GPS and accelerometers' records to capture torsional response of cylindrical tower",Smart Structures and Systems,vol (25)1, pp. 111-122,2020
2019 R. Mesleh,"Impact of Channel Estimation Errors on the Capacity of Space Modulation Techniques",IEEE 30th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC),Istanbul, Turkey, pp. 1-6,2019