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Year Faculty Publications
2019 Ala Hijazi,"A Novel Approach for the Determination of Surface Tilt Angles in Two-dimensional Digital Image Correlation Experiments",Experimental Mechanics, Vol. 60,2019 [View]
2020 Ala Hijazi, Sameer Al-Dahidi, Safwan Altarazi,"Residual Strength Prediction of Aluminum Panels with Multiple Site Damage Using Artificial Neural Networks", Materials,Vol. 13,2020 [View]
2020 Ala Hijazi, Sameer Al-Dahidi, Safwan Altarazi,"A Novel Assisted Artificial Neural Network Modeling Approach for Improved Accuracy Using Small Datasets: Application in Residual Strength Evaluation of Panels with Multiple Site Damage Cracks",Applied Sciences, Vol. 10,2020 [View]
2021 Dia Zeidan,Theodore E. Simos,Charis Harley,Ashoke De,Eric Goncalves,"Preface to special issue of selected papers from the 13th International Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer — Numerical Fluids 2018",Computers & Mathematics with Applications,Volume 83, Pages 1-3,2021 [View]
2020 Khnouf, R., Jaradat, M. A. K., Karasneh, D., Al-Shami, F., Sawaqed, L., & Albiss, B. A,"Simulation and Optimization of a Single Heater Convective PCR Chip and Its Controller for Fast Salmonella Enteritidis Detection",IEEE Sensors Journal,20(22), 13186-13195,2020
2019 Khnouf, R., Karasneh, D., Abdulhay, E., Abdelhay, A., Sheng, W., & Fan, Z. H,"Microfluidics-based device for the measurement of blood viscosity and its modeling based on shear rate, temperature, and heparin concentration",Biomedical microdevices,21(4), 80,2019
2016 Khnouf, R., Karasneh, D., & Albiss, B. A," Protein immobilization on the surface of polydimethylsiloxane and polymethyl methacrylate microfluidic devices",Electrophoresis,37(3), 529-535,2016
2018 Al-Kouz W., Al-Waked R., Sari M., Owhaib W. and Atieh A,"Numerical study of heat transfer enhancement in the entrance region for low-pressure gaseous laminar pipe flows using Al2O3–air nanofluid",Advances in Mechanical Engineering,vol. 10, No. 7, pp. 1-11,2018 [View]
2018 Al-Waked R., Nasif M. and Bani Mostafa D.,"Enhancing the performance of energy recovery ventilators",Energy Conversion and Management,vol. 171, pp. 196-210,2018 [View]
2018 El Haj Assad M., Salameh T., Mostafaeipour A., Sedaghat A., Al-Waked R.,"Rotating Machinery in Renewable Energy Systems",International Journal of Rotating Machinery,Vol. 2018, Article ID 903493, (Editorial) ,2018 [View]
2019 Al-Waked R. and Nasif M.,"Air to air energy recovery from HVAC systems under different membrane materials",Universal Journal of Mechanical Engineering,vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 37-49,2019 [View]
2020 Abbas S., Nasif M., Al-Waked R. and Meor Said M,"Numerical investigation on the relationship of cavitation initiation in bileaflet mechanical heart valves (BMHVs) with the aortic root geometry and valve’s implantation rotation angle",Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering,vol. 42, No. 1, pp. 23,2020 [View]
2020 Abbas S., Nasif M., Al-Waked R. and Meor Said M,"Numerical investigation on the effect of Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve's implantation tilting angle and aortic root geometry on intermittent regurgitation and platelet activation",Artificial Organs,vol. 44, No. 2, pp. E20-E39,2020 [View]
2020 Al-Waked R., Yassin A., Adwan A. and Mostafa D.B.,"Effects of Cross Level Air Interaction within Multilevel Underground Carparks on Indoor Air Quality",Fluids,vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 177-, 2020. ,2020 [View]
2021 Al-Waked R., Bani Mostafa D. & Nasif M.S,"Performance of energy recovery ventilators under different climatic regions",Energy Efficiency,vol. 14, No 1, Article 8, 2021,2021 [View]