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Year Faculty Publications
2020 Feras Al-Hawari, Mohammed Al-Sammarraie, and Taha Al-Khaffaf,"Design, validation, and comparative analysis of a private bus location tracking information system",Journal of Advanced Transportation,2020(8895927), pp. 1-18,2020 [View]
2020 Feras Al-Hawari and Mohammad Habahbeh,"Secure and robust web services for e-payment of tuition fees",International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology,13(7), pp. 1795-1801,2020 [View]
2021 Feras Al-Hawari, Mai Al-Zou'bi, Hala Barham, and Wael Sararhah,"The GJU website development process and best practices",IGI, Journal of Cases on Information Technology,23(1), pp. 1-24,2021 [View]
2020 Feras Al-Hawari,"Holistic university website management: people, technology and processes",TEM Journal,9(4), pp. 1771-1779,2020 [View]
2019 Wael Al-Kouz, Sameer Al-Dahidi, Bashar Hammad, Mohammad Al-Abed.,"Modeling and analysis framework for investigating the impact of dust and temperature on PV systems' performance and optimum cleaning frequency",Applied Sciences,Vol 9, Issue 7 , (Article number 1397),2019
2019 Bashar Hammad, Hichem Abdelmoula, Eihab Abdel-Rahman, Abdessattar Abdelkefi,"Nonlinear Analysis and Performance of Electret-Based Microcantilever Energy Harvesters",Energies,Vol 12, Issue 22, Paper Number 4249,2019
2020 Salem Nijmeh, Bashar Hammad, Mohammad Al-Abed, Riad Bani-Khalid,"A Technical and Economic Study of a Photovoltaic–phase Change Material (PV-PCM) System in Jordan",ordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,J, Vol. 14, Number 4, pp. 371-379,2020
2020 Muhsen, H., Al-Amaydeh, O., & Al-Hamlan, R. ,"Algorithm Design for Accurate Steps Counting Based on Smartphone Sensors for Indoor Applications.",Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal,Volume 5, Issue 6, Page No 811-816,2020
2020 Hraiz, M. D., García, J. A. M., Castañeda, R. J., & Muhsen, H.,"Optimal PV Size and Location to Reduce Active Power Losses While Achieving Very High Penetration Level With Improvement in Voltage Profile Using Modified Jaya Algorithm",IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics,10(4), 1166-1174,2020
2020 Muhsen, H., Al-Kouz, W., & Khan, W,"Small Wind Turbine Blade Design and Optimization. ",Symmetry,12(1), 18,2020
2020 AlTaher, Bassmah B.,"Inclusive Multicultural Videos: An Engaging Approach in Teaching Higher Educational Levels of English",Universal Journal of Educational Research,Vol. 8, No. 10, pp. 4536-4544,2020 [View]
2020 Iman Shashaa,Bassmah B. Al Taher ,"The Benefits of Continuing Teaching English Remotely at the German Jordanian University after Covid-19 Pandemic",Universal Journal of Educational Research,Vol. 8, No. 12, pp. 6844 - 6852,2020 [View]
2020 Eva Haddad,"The Effect Of IMF Programs On Political Participation In Jordan",Common Ground Research Networks,The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Civic and Political Studies,Illinois USA,2020
2020 Eva Haddad,"Netflix’s Jinn: A Global Effect on the Values of a Conservative Culture",Common Ground Research Networks,International Journal of Critical Cultural Studies,2020