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Year Faculty Publications
2021 Dia Zeidan,Sweta Govekar,Manoj Pandey,"Discontinuity wave interactions in generalized magnetogasdynamics",Acta Astronautica,Vol. 180, Pages: 110-114,2021 [View]
1991 Akeel T.Al-Kazwini,Peter O'Neill,David Papworth,Gerald E. Adams,E. Martin Fielden,"Comments on the estimated distance over which electron can migrate in solid DNA before being trapped by misonidazole",Radiation Research Vol. 125, 348,1991
1990 A.T. Al-Kazwini,P. O'Neill,G.E. Adams,R.B. Cundall,G. Lang,A. Junino,"One-electron oxidation of methoxylated and hydroxylated indoles by N'3: 1. Characterisation of the primary indolic radicals",The Journal of Physical Chemistry Vol.94, No. 17, 6666-6670,1990
1990 Akeel T. Al-Kazwini,Peter O'Neill,Gerald E. Adams,E. Martin Fielden,"Radiation-Induced Energy Migration within DNA: The Role of Misonidazole as an Electron Trap",Radiation Research Vol.121, 149-153,1990
1994 Al-Kazwini, A.T.,G.E.Adams,P. O'Neill,M.A.Naylor,E.M.Fielden,"Effect of electron traps upon Radiation-Induced charge migration within solid DNA",Int. J. Rad. Biol. 65, p.127-128 ,1994
1994 Al-Kazwini, A.T.,G.E.Adams,P. O'Neill,M.A.Naylor,E.M.Fielden,"Radiation Induced Luminescence in DNA: Evidence for Long-Range Electron Migration",Radiation Research.Vol. 138, 307-311,1994
1994 Al-Kazwini,A.T.,P.O'Neill, G.E.,Adams, R.B. Cundall, J. Maignan,"Characterisation of The Intermediates Produced upon One-Electron Oxidation of C (1), C(2) Methyl Substitution of 5,6-Dihydroxyindole: Pathways of Melanogenesis",Journal of Melanoma Research,vol 4, 343-350,1994
1996 A.T. Al-Kazwini,P. O'Neill, G.E.,Adams, R.B.,Cundall and A. Junino.,"One-electron oxidation of 2,3-dihydro-5,6-dihydroxyindole: The influence of Zn 2+",Journal of the Chemical Society Perkins Trans (2), 124-129,1996
1988 Al-Kazwini, A.T.,Land, E.J.,O'Neill, P. ,Fielden, E.M.,"Pulse Radiolytic study of Solid DNA using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopic Techniques",Int.J.Radiat.Biol.,Vol 53 No.6. ,1988
1988 Al-Kazwini,.A.T.,O'Neill,P.,Fielden,E.M.,Adams, G.E. ,"Radiation-induced Luminescence from "Dry" and Hydrated DNA and Macromolecules",Radiat.Phys.Chem.Vol.32 No. 3, pp 385-389,1988
1988 Al-Kazwini, A.T.,Cunningham, J.W.,Watt, D.E.,"Damage by Nuclear Elastic Scattering (NES) Forty years on",Int.J.Radiat.Biol.Vol.53, No.4, 683-685,1988
1988 A.T. Al-Kazwini,P. O'Neill,E.M. Fielden,G.E. Adams,"Radiation-induced energy migration in solid DNA: Effect of misonidazole and oxygen",Int. J. Rad. Biol. 54, p. 831,1988
1987 Al-Kazwini,A.T.,O'Neill,P.,Adams,G.E. ,Fielden, E.M.,"Energy migration in pulse irradated DNA: effect of H2O and misonidazole",In radiation research; proc. 8th Int.Congr.Radiation Research, Edinburgh,(edt. Fielden, E.M. et al) 12,1987
1986 Al-Kazwini, A.T.,"Radiation-induced luminescence from "Dry" DNA and related macromolecules",Presented at: 3rd Biennial Meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research,Dusseldorf, West Germany, July 20-23,1986
1982 Cunningham, J.W.,Al-Kazwini, A.T.,Watt, D.E.,"Penetration depths of low energy (<100 keV) H+,He+ and N+ ions in solid enzyme layers",Eighth Symposium on Microdosimetry, West Germany,EUR 8395 (pp. 265-273),1982