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Year Faculty Publications
2020 S. Sari, M.; G. Al-Kouz, W.; M. Atieh, A.,"Transverse Vibration of Functionally Graded Tapered Double Nanobeams Resting on Elastic Foundation", Appl. Sci. ,2020
2020 Ibrahim, M.; Al-Hindawi, Q.; Elhafiz, R.; Alsheikh, A.; Alquq, O.," Attack Graph Implementation and Visualization for Cyber Physical Systems",Processes ,2020
2020 Muhsen, H.; Al-Kouz, W.; Khan, W.,"Small Wind Turbine Blade Design and Optimization.",Symmetry ,2020 [View]
2020 Nader, N.; Al-Kouz, W.; Al-Dahidi, S.,"Assessment of Existing Photovoltaic System with Cooling and Cleaning System: Case Study at Al-Khobar City", Processes ,2020 [View]
2018 Mohammad Al-Rbai, Bashar R Qawasmeh,"Free vibration characteristics of functionally graded Mindlin nanoplates resting on variable elastic foundations using the nonlocal elasticity theory", Advances in Mechanical Engineering. ,2018 [View]
2019 Ziad Abu El-Rub,Eddy Bramer,Samer Al-Gharabli,Gerrit Brem," Impact of char properties and reaction parameters on naphthalene conversion in a macro-TGA fixed char bed reactor",Catalysts 2019,9, 307, doi,2019 [View]
2019 Ziad Abu El-Rub,Joanna Kujawa,Esra’a Albarahmiah,Nafisah Rifai,Fathieh Qaimari,Samer Al-Gharabli,"High Throughput Screening and Characterization Methods of Jordanian Oil Shale as a Case Study",Energies 2019,12(16), 3148, doi,2019 [View]
2019 Abu El-Rub, Z,"TGA and BET Characterization of Spent Oil Shale as a Catalyst in Biomass Tar Removal Applications",International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy 2019,8(6)680-687,2019 [View]
2020 Ziad Abu El-Rub,Joanna Kujawa,Samer Al-Gharabli,"Pyrolysis Kinetic Parameters of Omari Oil Shale using Thermogravimetric Analysis.",Energies,13 (16), 1-13,2020 [View]
2020 Al-Bashaireh, K,Weber-Karyotakis T.M.,Abu-Jaber, N. ,Lepaon, T.,"Marble Sculptures from the Great Eastern Baths of Gerasa (Jordan): The Sources of the Marbles",Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research,384: 21-43,2020 [View]
2020 Samer Nofal,Amani Abu Jabal,Abdullah Alfarrarjeh,Ismail Hababeh,"Formal Validation of Recursive Backtracking Algorithms: The Case of Listing Stable Extensions in the Directed Graphs of Argumentation Frameworks",2020 [View]
2017 Farah AlAtrash,"Investigating adaptive thermal comfort in office buildings located in Amman/ Jordan",IEB Comfort and Pain Symposium_ Perception of Thermal Comfort and Pain – are we assessing their dynamics right? Heidelberg,2017
2017 Farah AlAtrash,"First results of case studies on thermal comfort and occupant behavior in office buildings in Amman/ Jordan",OB-17_Joint IEA EBC Annex 66 and 69 Symposium on Occupant Behaviour and Adaptive Thermal Comfort, at the Technical University of Denmark,,2017
2018 Al-Atrash, F., Hellwig, R. T., & Wagner, A.,"Personal control over indoor climate in office buildings in a Mediterranean climate - Amman, Jordan",Windsor conference Proceedings ‘Rethinking Comfort,2018 [View]
2019 Runa T. Hellwig, Despoina Teli, Marcel Schweiker, Joon-Ho Choi, M.C. Jeffrey Lee, Rodrigo Mora, Rajan Rawal,,"Applying adaptive principles: Developing guidance for planning practice",Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on: Comfort at the Extremes: Energy, Economy and, Heriot Watt University Dubai,2019 [View]