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Year Faculty Publications
2019 R.T. Hellwig , D. Teli , M. Schweiker , J. Choi ,M.C.J. Lee , R. Mora , R. Rawal , Z. Wang , F. Al-Atrash,"A Framework for Adopting Adaptive Thermal Comfort Principles in Design and Operation of Buildings",Energy and Buildings,2019 [View]
2020 Schweiker, M., Abdul-Zahra, A., André, M., Al-Atrash, F., et al.,"Evaluating assumptions of scales for subjective assessment of thermal environments – Do laypersons perceive them the way, we believe?",Energy and Buildings,2020 [View]
2020 Schweiker, M., Abdul-Zahra, A., André, M., Al-Atrash, F., et al.,,"The Scales Project, a cross-national dataset on the interpretation of thermal perception scales",Scientific Data,2020 [View]
2020 Gauthier, S., Bourikas, L., Al-Atrash, F., Bae, C., Chun, C., de Dear, R., Hellwig, R.T., Kim, J., K.,"The colours of comfort: From thermal sensation to person-centric thermal zones for adaptive building strategies",Energy and Buildings,2020 [View]
2020 Hellwig, R. T., Despoina, T., Schweiker, M., Choi, J-H., Lee, J. M. C., Mora, R., Rawal, R., Wang, Z. & Al-Atrash, F.,"Guideline to bridge the gap between adaptive thermal comfort theory and building design and operation practice.",11th Windsor Conference - Resilient Comfort, Proceedings,2020
2020 Al-Atrash, F. Z., Hellwig, R. T., Wagner, A. ,"The degree of adaptive thermal comfort in office workers in a hot Mediterranean summer climate - the case of Amman, Jordan.",Energy & Buildings, Volume 223,2020 [View]
2017 Altarazi S., Othman O., Rahwanji S., Jeitan A,"An inventory management model for a two-echelon multi-product healthcare supply chain",International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research, 8, 356-363.,2017
2018 Altarazi S., Ammouri M,"Concurrent manual-order-picking warehouse design: a simulation-based design of experiments approach",International Journal of Production Research, 56 (23), 7103-7121,2018
2018 Altarazi S,"Enhancing conformance of injection blow molding by integrating machine learning modeling and Taguchi parameter design",Advances and Applications in Statistics,53 (5), 519-535.,2018
2019 Salhieh, L., Altarazi, S., & Abushaikha, I.,"Quantifying and ranking the “7-Deadly” Wastes in a warehouse environment",The TQM Journal,31 (5), 94-115.,2019
2019 AlKhatib, M., Altarazi, S,"A customized root cause analysis approach for cost overruns and schedule slippage in paper-machine-building projects",Management and Production Engineering Review,10, 83-92. ,2019
2019 Altarazi, S., Allaf, R., & Alhindawi, F,"Machine Learning Models for Predicting and Classifying the Tensile Strength of Polymeric Films Fabricated via Different Production Processes",Materials,12, 1475.,2019
2019 Al-Odeh, M., & Altarazi, S,"Supply Chain Management Information Systems Survey for Jordanian Companies",International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences,4 (3), 567-578.,2019
2020 Alshare, A., Tashtoush, B., Altarazi, S., & El-khalil, H,"Energy and Economic Analysis of a 5 MW Photovoltaic System in Northern Jordan",Case Studies in Thermal Engineering,21, 100722.,2020 [View]
2016 Samer Nofal,Katie Atkinson,Paul E. Dunne,"Looking-ahead in backtracking algorithms for abstract argumentation",Int. J. Approx. Reason,78: 265-282,2016 [View]