The Best German Language Students
Celebration of the 10th German Teacher’s Day
Celebration of the 10th German Teacher’s Day


The German Language Center (GLC) was established in summer 2012. It is considered to be a central institution serving all departments of the university, particularly students in addition to academic and administrative staff. Its primary task is language tuition, at present the teaching of German as a foreign language in six different levels. GLC is preparing all undergraduate students of GJU to attain the B1 level in German language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). Therefore it is an important milestone to secure the German dimension of the German Jordanian University.

There is currently an international staff of more than 50 qualified language teachers, who provide applied and task based instruction in German (compulsory for all undergraduate students). This entails GJU to have one of the largest university based German departments worldwide.

At the intermediate level, GLC offers a wide variety of teaching technical languages, intercultural communication, job application training and academic writing modules. GLC also prepares the students directly for the B1 Goethe Institute Certificate examinations; the unique co-operation with the Goethe Institute Amman allows the students to take these exams at the end of the German courses. This gives our students an excellent outlook for commencing studies at German higher educational institutions, and helps them in the quest for accommodation and internship applications.

Our technical language modules, which are continually expanding, constitute a superb preparation for the one-year stay in Germany which is mandatory for all students. The Center is unique as it fulfills students’ specific needs for the German Year and seeks to level up to their expectations. The success of the Center can be attributed to the close connections that exist between GLC and the Schools of GJU, facilitating a productive inter-institutional co-operation. A special link has been established with the School of Applied Humanities and Languages, since the Director of GLC is teaching in the Masters’ program for German as a foreign language (DaF), and the most promising graduates from that program are hired as teachers at GLC.

Moreover, the only “TestDaF” Centre in Jordan is located within GLC, tests required for degree-level study in Germany are held regularly. Besides the programs already mentioned, the Center also offers German courses for GJU’s employees and, in cooperation with the Consultation and Training Center (CTC), for the public.