The German Jordanian Insurance Center (GJIC) is specialized in insurance-related courses for professional development and job training. GJIC is operated as a subsidiary of the German Jordanian University (GJU) and connected to the Jordan Insurance Federation (JOIF), where the center’s headquarters is located.

GJIC was established by forming the Center Council on February 2, 2015 following the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement signed by GJU and JOIF previously on June 5, 2014.

Vision statement

 “To be the primary destination for professional development in insurance and risk management in the region”


Mission statement

 “To provide the local, Arab, and international market with the distinctive competencies in the insurance industry field with the highest standards and specifications”


Strategy and objectives

  •  To be a specialized center providing professional training on insurance business
  •  To be a distinguished center offering courses closely-linked to globally recognized qualifications
  •  To upgrade the professionalism and quality of the insurance sector talent in the country
  •  To evolve into a degree-awarding institute specialized in insurance and risk management