Our objective is to prepare graduates who are able to successfully pursue: 
Advanced studies leading to research or professional practice in Biomedical Engineering. 

Advanced studies leading to research or professional practice in the Health and Medical Sciences. 

An Excellence in undergraduate education, meaningful and innovative research, and service dedicated to advancing the field of Biomedical Engineering. 

Practice in Biomedical Engineering industries or related technical and professional fields available in Jordan and those offered by our partners in Germany.

  • Analytical and technical skills
Graduates will possess the ability to formulate, analyze and solve problems, both analytically and experimentally, in engineering, biomedical engineering and life sciences.


  • Life sciences

Graduates will possess the ability to understand the interconnection between engineering, biomedical engineering, and life sciences including biology and physiology.

  • Interdisciplinary approach and career development

Graduates will be able to work effectively in teams to accomplish biomedical engineering and science tasks and understand the importance of each team member’s ability to contribute in his or her area of expertise. Of particular importance is the interconnection of engineering and clinical personnel towards the solution of problems of compelling clinical and biomedical interest and need. 


  • Creativity

Graduates will be able to evaluate traditional methodologies in the biomedical sciences and things that stand in common between engineering and medicine in order to devise new approaches to technical and clinical problems.

  • Research and Development
  •  Research in new materials for implanted artificial organs.
  •  Development of new diagnostic instruments for blood analysis.
  •  Computer modeling of the function of the human heart.
  •  Writing software for the analysis of medical research data.
  •  Development of new diagnostic imaging systems. 
  •  Design of biomedical sensors for measurement of human physiologic system variables.
  •  Study of Biomechanics of the human body.  
  •  Development of new dental materials, amongst others