Management Sciences department is one of the departments of the school of management and logistic sciences. The department offers courses and experience to its students who want careers in business administration, who want to start-up their own business and take responsibilities, or those who want to work in public sector. The main objective of this department is to equip our students with the required competencies in the labor market and make them ready to cope with the current challenges and win a competitive advantage in this highly turbulent employment arena. To achieve this goal, the department devotes a great emphasis on the following key pillars: developing its teaching tools and techniques, updating curricula to go in line with the latest international curricula, adopting the most up-to-date publications, focusing on applied teaching by blending theory with practice, using case studies and field assignments, make lectures more interactive, and fostering a collaborative & supporting attitude with students.

This department focuses on teaching students the essential knowledge & skills in the fields of business administration, economics, accounting and marketing. During his/her study at the department of management sciences, a student will study many courses in the field of management starting with the fundamentals of management through organizational behavior, Human resources management, business ethics & business law, marketing, international business, total quality management and organizational development & change. Furthermore, and coping with the changes in business and academia globally, our students will study newly offered courses such as; Knowledge management, E-commerce and E-business management, Contracting and negotiation management and Managing Small & medium Enterprises. Broadly speaking, students at management department will study other subjects in accounting, logistics, leadership, soft skills, English & German languages and other subjects. Practically, department of management has a laboratory lectures where students can practice some computer applications and run simulations in the courses of statistics, macro & micro economics, quantitative analysis, human resources management and others.