The Division of Mathematics is part of the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities with a vision of being an academic excellence of the lifelong learning enterprise Division. In order to achieve its vision, the Division of Mathematics will establish state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and co-disciplinary educational and research excellence in a dynamic, competitive and vibrant academic environment. The Division is intended to facilitate science, technology and engineering majors achieve knowledge and understanding mathematical sciences, its basis, its practice, its beauty and its applications which will serve them well whatever their future endeavor. It is with an equal partnership between the Division of Humanities and the Division of Physics, with outreach to other schools at the German Jordanian University. It is also one of the most prominent academic units at the German Jordanian University. The Division is fueled by six faculty members with training representing the entire spectrum academic experience. All faculty members of the Division actively engage in the academic excellence of the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities – teaching and research excellence. Though still a relatively young Division, faculty members are research active with an outstanding reputation in their fields and have received national and international appreciation for quality research.

Since the mathematical sciences are essential to all disciplines, the Division makes a major contribution to the education of most undergraduate students at the German Jordanian University. Both the Division and faculty members are fully responsible for providing students the opportunity to undertake interdisciplinary mathematical courses that influence internationally well-known expertise in mathematics and its applications in science, technology and engineering. They are committed to providing all careers technical mathematical skills and critical problem solving in any discipline of academic endeavor. Together they participate in educating students to combine a strong scientific background with an understanding of mathematics and science. Through the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities, the Division of Mathematics offers exciting opportunities for students to experience the academic adventure of a lifetime by revealing them to an exciting, multinational and moderate scientific education at the premier level of excellence.

The Division of Mathematics realizes the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities strategy for the training and educating all careers at the German Jordanian University. It seeks to form stronger academic excellence in all aspects of any feedback whether it is from students or professionals and visitors. The Division of Mathematics invites you to share with its members any feedback and to consider supporting its education, research and outreach activities. Your collaboration and support helps us to ensure continued excellence.