Engineering Workshops are supplied with a number of machines to introduce undergraduates to various processes in carpentry, welding, sheet metal forming, and machining workshops. The workshops provide comprehensive and flexible support for all GJU students, Stuff and researchers to manufacture in their projects (Teaching equipment, student projects, and research equipment) and this could be performed by filling the Job Request Form.


  • The Machining workshop

    The Machining workshop offers conventional machining processes for the practical, project and research purposes of the undergraduate and researchers of the University. This workshop provides a safe environment for the students under the guidance of highly skilled technicians to assist students with the strong theoretical knowledge they gain from the university. The machine shop has a variety of machines such the lathe machine, universal milling machine, radial drill, and surface grinder. 

  • The Carpentry Workshop

    The carpentry workshop provides technicians, academics and students with a wide variety of carpentry services. The carpenter's shop has a wide range of equipment including a table saw, band saw, lathe, planer/thicknesser, mortice and various hand tools. Wood types used in construction range from pine to exotic hardwoods. Items produced in the shop can be seen all around the school, including the specially built reception areas and purpose made experimental and research equipment. 

  • The Smithy workshop

    The Smithy workshop offers a wide variety of machines which can be used under the supervision of well skilled technicians. The provided machines are hand shear, swing shear, motorized shear, folding machine, rolling machine, bending machine as well as welding machines like spot welding machine, GMAW, MIG, and MAG welding.


All Engineering students are required to have completed, to the approval of GJU, the course of Engineering Workshop (IE121). This is a compulsory course of the Engineering degree and students will not be eligible to graduate without taking this course.