Thank you very much for this warm welcome! It is a great pleasure for me to be back in Jordan.

Eleven years ago my Jordanian colleague Mr. Toucan and I laid down the foundation of the German Jordanian University in the hope for a flourishing future. It was a day of great joy, because we had successfully commenced a magnificent project. 

In those days I didn’t expect to come back to the GJU for such a wonderful occasion. It is a great and unexpected honor for me to be awarded with such a distinguished title by the GJU. I am deeply touched by this award. Dear President Natheer, Professors of the GJU, dear Dr. Pleines: Thank you very much for this great honor and the recognition and appreciation of my work you expressed in your honorable distinction. Eleven years ago my, and I can say our vision was one of a vital, creative university that provided outstanding training, would be a place for excellent research, a lighthouse project in this region and internationally well connected. 

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