The Engineering Department in cooperation with the school of Architecture has designed the German and Jordanian Friendship Garden to reflect the prosperous mutual relations among both countries.

The Engineering Department tried to create portable units from steel material to be used in building external fences. The concept was inspired by the shape of the building openings. Those unites are installed together side by side to protect the campus from outdoor.

The ED designed a new floor in the Information and Technology Centre to provide a temporary space for the Administrative staff and the President's office. The area is approximately 400 m², and the ceiling has a clear design with windows to supply the building with natural lighting.

The Engineering Department is responsible of streetscape distribution like the garden benches, garden lighting, and wastepaper baskets. The ED also created a new original shape of the pergolas that are used in the campus.

The laying of the corner stone took place during the inauguration ceremony on April 25th, 2005 under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II. This cornerstone was designed and supervised by Architect Heba Abdoh. It stands as a symbolic sculpture to reflect the mutual interaction between two different cultures; German and Jordanian cultures.

This 25m-long path was designed and supervised by the Engineering Department to link the North parking with the rest of the campus, building “A” in particular. The concept of this path is to provide a comfortable ramp for the physically disabled according to the international standards connected visually to the stairs (next to it) so that they won't feel isolated in their path.

The prefabricated buildings are composed of three semi-attached masses with approximately 1250 m² each. These buildings were designed and supervised by the Engineering Department in order to provide extra areas to the university (class rooms & offices). These buildings are uniquely characterized by quick construction with steel structure and sandwich panel walls.