The courses are given in the Lab     
  •  Analog Electronics  
  •  Digital Electronics 

Hardware Lab Contents  

  •  Base frame unit power supply
  • Digital oscilloscope (150MHz)
  • Test lead BNC_1M  probes
  • Logic circuits module (DL3155M18)
  • FET fundamental module (DL3155E18)
  • Diode applications module (DL3155M12)
  • Transistor amplifier module (DL3155E14)
  • Signal processing module (DL3155M21) 11
  •  Oscillator processing module (DL3155M22)
  • Operational amplifier module (DL3155M16)
  • Digital logic fundamental module (DL3155E20)
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Function generator
  • Wires with different lengths      
Lab Room: 
C 209
Lab Supervisor: