onSET German Online Placement Test for DAAD Scholarship Candidates


On Sunday, the 21st of November around 40 students from the German Jordanian University and the University of Jordan - all DAAD scholarship candidates applying for the so-called University Summer Courses offered in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates (HSK) -

attended the onSET German online placement test at the GJU campus in Madaba.


The language proficiency assessment was organized, on behalf of the DAAD regional office Amman, by the DAAD lecturers Mrs. Julia Albrecht from the School of Foreign Languages (UJ) and Mr. Michael Alszer from the German Language Center (GJU).  


The students attended the test to obtain a prove of their German language skills at the level of B1 which is one of several requirements for the so-called HSK, an annual DAAD short term funding program which aims to deepen knowledge of the German language (general and/or technical language) and regional studies.


The application deadline for the HSK funding is the 1st of December 2021 but since it is an annual program, the DAAD regional office Amman will organize annual onSET German placement tests which are free of charge for DAAD scholarship candidates.