The board of Trustees is formed of the following:

  • President of the board of trustees.
  • Four academic members holding a degree of professorship from another university.
  • Three members from the trade and industry sector.
  • Four expert members.
  • University president.


It comprises 12 members and meets at least once a month at the university’s premises or whenever necessary.

The board of trustees' main tasks are drafting the university’s general policies, approving the university’s annual and strategic plan and following up on its implementation and evaluation.


In addition, the board evaluates the university’s performance and leadership from all aspects including: academic, administrative, financial, and infrastructure and periodically discussing the self-evaluation reports presented by it. 


Members of the German Jordanian Board of Trustees:

  • Chairman of the Board, Eng. Othman Bedier
  • Prof. Ala'aldeen Al-Halhouli , GJU President.
  • Prof. May Yousef
  • Prof. Hasan M. Shalabi
  • Prof. Hani Hayajneh 
  • Prof. Fahmi Abu AlRub
  • Prof. Andreas Geiger
  • Mr. Stefan Bienefeld
  • Dr. Mua'ad Abu-Faraj
  • Dr. Duraid Mahasneh
  • H. E. Bernhard Kampmann- German Ambassador 
  • Mr. Ernst-Michael Hasse