In the name of Allah the Merciful 

To all the students of the German Jordanian University

I, your speaker, Jood Jamal Al Shair, am a second-year biomedical engineering student. First, I would like to thank those in charge of the student elections, and for their complete confidence in us as the youth of the future. As young adults, in these current times... Read more

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Representing an idea, we have always carried and believing that only us my fellow students who can start and initiate a change and because I have finally come to consideration that student service is a duty for each and every individual including myself, I took the decision with all faith in god to run for university... Read more

Greetings my fellow students,

I have taken the decision to run for the female student election, as I am pretty sure that we desperately need someone to represent us, the students, and conveys our concerns and be a link between us and the university administration, especially during the current pandemic, and the resulting inquiries, problems and gaps...

I... Read more

Dear Students of GJU,

My name is Vivionne Makki. It is my third year studying biomedical engineering. I took the decision to run for student representative because I realized how much of an impact university has on all of us and, I want to be the reason for a good change. By taking this role, I will have the ability to drive change, more specifically, the change that... Read more

Dear fellow students,

I am currently a 2nd year student majoring in the field of management sciences, presenting myself before you for these upcoming elections.

What I intend to do and hope to accomplish with your support:

  • Have your voices, opinions, thoughts & needs considered and be given their fair share in the modelling & structuring... Read more