Club Name


1- Scene Theater and Drama Club 

The club presents exciting theatrical performances related to students and the community.





2- Bst Club 

Business Students Club, The club performs activities related to business and mini-projects.






3- نادي الضاد الثقافي 

The club is interested in activities related to Arabic culture and language).






​4-MUN Club 

MUN Club (Model of united nation) The club aims to improve students' knowledge and provide them with skills related to sound debate and discussing various issues.





​5- IT Club 

IT Club (Information Technology) The club aims to improve the members' technical skills by providing activities related to the application side of information technology.






6- Community Service Club 

Community Service Club The club aims to develop volunteerism amongst GJU's students in a nurturing environment that fosters community service.






​7- Environmental & Health Club 

Environmental & Health Club The club promotes environmental awareness and focuses on some important environmental issues in the community.






8- Robotics Club 


Robotics Club The club aims to offer training courses in robotics and related engineering fields to help students in their projects and research and participate in robotics competitions.





​9- Book Buster 

BOOK BUSTER (The club aims at encouraging the young generation to read by   organizing related activities).







​10- Concrete 

Concrete ( Entrepreneurship Club) (It aims to promote entrepreneurial mentalities &  activities and to inspire & support student's innovative ideas).






​11- Media and Photography 

Media and photography The club aims to bring together young journalists, photographers, and almost everyone interested in electronic media).






12- Math Club 

Math club The club aims to introduce amazing content related to mathematics, quizzes, and puzzles of different branches of mathematics.







​13- Biomedical Engineering Club 

Biomedical engineering club (Aims to execute activities related to biomedical engineering).








​14- Road Safety Club

Road Safety club The club aims to reduce traffic crashes by offering training courses organized by specialists and awareness campaigns).







​15- Library Club 

Library Club This club will hold discussion groups on literature, reading novels, and discussing them as groups covering different library topics.






​16- AEE 

AEE (Association of Energy Engineers).






​17- IEEE 

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).






18 - IE Club 

Industrial Engineering,The club responsible for arranging training sessions, workshops, and activities related to industrial engineering.







​19-German Club