Dear students who are expected to graduate on the first, second and summer semesters of the academic year 2015/2016,

Please note that University competency test will be held on Wednsday and Thursday 15/11/2017 and 16/11/2017. Students will be distributed on laboratory sessions according to their Faculties, majors and as instructed by the Supervision’s Authority that is responsible for the test at the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC) .
Please also note the following: 
  • Students must commit themselves to the test’s times of each college and discipline as it won’t be possible to change the date and timing of each test session.
  • The one session of the test will include three levels: Macro, Mid and Micro. The test will last for one hour and thirty minutes. 
  • Knowing that students don’t have to be prepared for the exam since it is meant to measure the skills and competencies that were achieved by each student during the studies.
  • It is noteworthy that competency test is English computerized one, and attending it is mandatory and a graduation prerequisite.


Exam fees are (5) five JDs / dinars have to be paid at the Department of Finance of the University before the day of the exam. Payment receipt has to be shown when entering the exam room. 

For any questions  kindly asked to send an E-Mail to the correspondent; Miss Muna Edwan on the following E-Mail address: