SIC offers M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering , with an option for a double degree in cooperation with German partner universities. The program unique feature is in the applied structure of the program that foresters hands on experience as well as research innovation.

The core courses of the program provide students with a broad knowledge of computer systems, advanced topics in operating systems and computer architecture, networking, and distributed systems. The core courses are to be taken at GJU in the first two semesters of the program. After completion of the first year, students have their choice of specialized courses to be offered at GJU or taken at the German partner universities. The specialization tracks are as follows:


Double Degree Arrangement

The double degree program in Computer Engineering is optional to all students. In order to be accepted in the double degree option, students must also be admitted at the master program in the German partner university, and must fulfill their degree requirements. As of February 2013 a double degree arrangement is signed with Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Science for the specialization in Autonomous Systems.

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