Description of Courses offered by the Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering Department

Note:  For credit hours, contact hours, and lab hours please refer to your designated study plan

TME212: Statics                                                                                                                   

Vector mechanics of forces and moments, free-body diagrams, couples, resultants, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies in two and three dimensions, forces in trusses, frames, and machines, centroids, centers of mass, distributed forces, internal shear forces and bending moments in beams, shear force and bending moment diagrams, friction, area of moments of inertia.


TME213: Mechanics of Materials                                                                                      

Normal and shear stress and strain, deflection of axially loaded members, thermal stress, torsion of bars with circular sections, shear stress, angle of twist, power transmission, bending of beams, bending and shear stress, combined loadings, beam deflection, column buckling.


TME214: Dynamics and Vibration                                                                                    

Kinematics and kinematics of particles, Newton’s laws, planar kinematics and kinetics of a rigid bodies, free vibration of single degree of freedom systems, harmonic excitation, general force response.


TME221: Thermodynamics                                                                                                

Introduction to thermodynamics concepts, properties of pure substances, first law of thermodynamics: analysis of closed systems, analysis of open systems under steady and unsteady conditions, second law of thermodynamics, entropy.


TME222: Fluid Mechanics                                                                                                                                   Physical properties of fluids and fundamental concepts in fluid mechanics, hydrostatics, conservation laws for mass, momentum and energy, flow similarity and dimensional analysis as applied to engineering problems in fluid mechanics, laminar and turbulent flow, engineering applications such as flow measurement flow in pipes and fluid forces on moving bodies.


TME314: Mechanical Vibrations                                                                                       

Mathematical techniques for linear system vibrations, review of vibrations of single-degree-of freedom systems, vibrations of multi-degree-of-freedom systems, small oscillation theory, free vibration eigenvalue problem, undamped system response, viscously damped systems, vibrations of continuous systems, modes of vibration of strings, bars, and beams.


TME323: Thermofluids Lab                                                                                                                        Measurement of thermal conductivity, forced convection heat transfer, measurement of specific heat ratio, flow through nozzles, losses in pipes and fittings, hydrostatic pressure, impact of water jet, flow visualizations, performance of hydraulic positive displacement pumps.


TME324: Power and Refrigeration Cycles                                                                       

Exergy, gas power cycles, vapor and combined power cycles, refrigeration cycles, gas mixtures, gas vapor mixtures & air conditioning, thermodynamic relations.


TME331: Theory of Machines                                                                                           

Position analysis, mechanisms, vector analysis of velocity and acceleration, analytic and graphical loop closure methods, cam design, spur, bevel, and helical gears, gear trains, force analysis, static and dynamic balance of rotors, synthesis of linkage, spatial mechanisms.


TME332: Machine Design                                                                                                         

Introduction to design process, design considerations, stress analysis and deflection of mechanical elements, energy methods, static strength and failure theories, fatigue strength and failure theories, shafts, nonpermanent joints, mechanical springs, and rolling bearings, CAD software, stress analysis using FEM codes, kinematics simulations, surface generation, 3D printing.


TME351: Spare Parts and Storage Management                                                                   

Forecasting of spare parts needed for equipment maintenance, inventory control models, safety stock and inventory costs, master production schedule and its effect on maintenance operations, spare parts requirement planning.


TME491: International Internship                                                                         

Twenty-weeks of internship at a company in Germany.


TME512: Finite Element Method                                                                                       

Definitions and simple finite element formulation truss, beam and triangular elements, modeling principles and mesh specification, computer applications and term project.


TME513: Multi-Body Dynamics                                                                                              

Principles of kinematics and dynamics in spatial motion, constraint equations describing various types of spatial kinematic joints, algorithms for automatic generation of the constraint equations, techniques for automatic generation of the spatial equations of motion.


TME514: Machine Dynamics                                                                                             

Force analysis of machinery, resonance (symptoms, tests, fixes), rotors dynamics, and dynamic balance of machinery, analytical determination of unbalance, dynamic behavior of drives and machine frames as complex systems, typical dynamic effects, such as the gyroscopic effect, damping and absorption, shocks.


TME515: Mechanical Vibrations                                                                                       

Fundamentals of vibration, free and force vibration of (undamped/damped) single degree of freedom systems. Vibration under general forcing conditions. Free and force vibration of (undamped/damped) two degree of freedom systems. Free and force vibration of (undamped/damped) multi-degree of freedom systems. Determination of natural frequencies and mode shapes.


TME522: HVAC                                                                                                                  

Psychrometric principles, thermal comfort, air conditioning processes, inside and outside design conditions, heating load calculations, infiltration, cooling load calculations, solar gain, design of heating and air conditioning systems, HVAC equipment and components.


TME523: Internal Combustion Engines                                                                            

Engine classifications and terminology, engine operating characteristics and performance parameters, air standard engine cycles including: Otto, Diesel, Dual and two-stroke cycles, common fuels used in IC engines, combustion reactions and thermochemical calculations, engine emissions and their control, air and fuel induction methods, heat transfer in engines, friction losses, lubricants and lubrication systems.


TME520: Applied Thermal Systems Lab                                                                          

Experimental analysis and maintenance of pumps, chillers, heat pumps, compressors, evaporators, condensers, expansion devices, cooling towers, boilers and furnaces, design and integration of thermal systems.


TME525: Advanced Heat Transfer                                                                                               

Multi-dimensional steady state conduction, analytical, graphical and numerical solutions, one-dimensional transient conduction, convective heat transfer in turbulent and high speed flows, freezing, melting, heat pipe and multimode heat transfer.


TME527: Turbomachinery                                                                                                 

Impulse and reaction turbines, velocity diagrams, energy equations and degree of reaction, total pressure correlation, turbine design, three dimensional analysis, and free vortex design, estimation of stage and design point performance.


TME529: Renewable Energy                                                                                             

Design and analysis of renewable energy systems and technologies including: solar thermal, solar Photovoltaics, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass, hydropower, fuel cells.


TME537: Reverse Engineering                                                                                          

Introduction to reverse engineering, methodologies and techniques for reverse engineering, selecting a reverse engineering system, introduction to rapid prototyping, applications in the automotive and aircraft industries.


TME538: Applied Machine Design                                                                                    

Lubrication and journal bearings, gears (general), spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, belts, flexible drives and flywheels, brakes and clutches.


TME539: Computer-aided Design                                                                                     

Simulation and animation of mechanical problems, optimal synthesis and selection of machine elements, implementation of CAD-Package for visualization.


TME5422: Automotive Maintenance                                                                                 

Maintenance of automotive systems: automatic transmission and transaxles, power train and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical/electronic systems, cooling system, heating and air conditioning, control system, and engine performance.


TME545: Aircraft Maintenance                                                                                         

Aircraft physics, aerodynamics, tools and techniques, hardware and materials, fluid lines and fittings, basic electricity, blueprints and drawings, weight and balance, maintenance standards and documentation, aircraft inspection.


TME546: Building Maintenance                                                                                        

Building systems overview, building scoping for operational improvement, O&M practices for sustainable buildings, indoor environmental quality, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting principles, HVAC systems maintenance, facility electrical systems maintenance, efficient lighting fundamentals, maintenance of motors and drives.


TME551: Safety and Loss Prevention                                                                                 

Study of safety elements and hazards associated with different types of machines and work environment, accident recognition and elimination, OSHA standards of maintenance operations, designing and managing of safety operations procedures and guidelines of maintenance, types of losses in production lines and the role of maintenance to reduce it.


TME552: Management of Maintenance Systems                                                             

Reliability, maintainability, availability, and safety of products and systems, building and analyzing reliability models using block diagrams, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), concepts and methods of maintenance planning and management with a focus on corrective and preventive maintenance, cost estimation and scheduling of maintenance activities.


TME553: Reliability and Quality Control                                                                         

Study and application of statistical models and methods for defining, measuring and evaluating reliability of products, processes and services: life distributions, reliability functions, reliability configurations, reliability estimation, parametric reliability models, accelerated life testing, reliability improvement. Introduction to statistically based quality control and improvement methods.


TME554: Logistics Engineering                                                                                         

Requirements analysis, systems definition, alternatives analysis and systems verification Logistics in the system life-cycle phases, supportability analysis, logistics measures, system life-cycle costing, integrated logistics systems of people, processes and technology.


TME555: Maintenance Costing                                                                                          

Elements of maintenance costs including material, spare parts, labor (direct and indirect), overhead, and outsourcing, maintenance costing reports and budgeting activities, financial statements, traditional costing, activity-based costing, fundamental pricing issues and price setting.


TME557: Modern Maintenance Management Systems                                                   

Introduction to computerized maintenance management systems, practical applications and case studies.


TME591: Graduation Project I                                                                                          

The first part of a team-based one-year senior design project in the field of mechanical and maintenance engineering.


TME592: Graduation Project II                                                                                        

The second and final part of a team-based one-year senior design project in the field of mechanical and maintenance engineering.


TME596: Special Topics I                                                                                                   

A course on a special topic in mechanical engineering.


TME597: Special Topics II                                                                                                 

A course on a special topic in mechanical engineering.


TME598: Special Topics In Mechanical Engineering                                                      

A course on a special topic in mechanical engineering.


TME599: Special Topics In Maintenance Engineering                                                    

A course on a special topic in maintenance engineering.