In the Winter semester 2015/16 the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) appointed an independent high level expert commission to evaluate the progress of the German Jordanian University in depth.

As the end result of its evaluation, the Commission has concluded that the GJU project is a successful and distinctive bi-national project that inextricably includes aspects of international academic cooperation, cooperation in education and development, and cultural exchange.

The Commission has indeed seen proof of impressive commitment on both sides, and knows the project to be in good hands both in Jordan and in Germany. {Evaluation Report, 53}

The Commission acknowledges the importance of this project compared to others in terms of academic and foreign policy due to its unique profile, its size and lifetime and its effects on the Jordanian, higher education system and the wider region, as well as on the German higher education system via a broad-ranging network structure. The Commission expressly commends the dedication of all involved parties, and sees the project in good hands both in Germany and in Jordan.

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