The council is chaired by the president and consists of the Vices of the President and the Deans of schools.

The Council members meet every Monday of each week to discuss issues that are considered within the authorities of council.

As well as adherence to GJU regulations and instructions, Council members are expected to understand their responsibilities and tasks through the higher education and Jordanian Universities Bylaws. These are as follows:

  • Recommending the board of trustees to establish schools, institutes, departments, and scientific faculties in the Kingdom.
  • Recommending the board of trustees to establish programs, academic majors and integrate them with others or stop enrollment in them or cancel them.
  • Appointing academic staff at the university and promoting them, granting them tenure, transferring them, granting them sabbatical, granting them leaves (including scientific dedication leaves and unpaid leaves), accepting their resignation and end of service, and transferring them from one faculty to another in the university.
  • Evaluating the members of the teaching staff regarding their academic activities, teaching methods and scientific researches, and making the appropriate decisions concerning these criteria.
  • Delegating the members of the teaching staff, full-time lecturers, research or teaching assistants, technicians working in the academic field in the university or persons who worked with the university in scientific delegations and missions and training courses pursuant to the Delegation Act effective in the university.
  • Examining, discussing and issuing decisions concerning the draft study-plans submitted by the councils of faculties, institutes and centers.
  • Establishing the necessary instructions to execute the regulatory provisions related to academic work at the university