About the Deanship

About the Deanship

   The mission of the Deanship of Scientific Research is to support the growth and excellence of research, with the aim of being among the best reputable international institutes. The deanship is responsible for the following:

  • Identify, support and reward excellence and achievement in scientific research and applied science.
  • Build and strengthen communities, research networks and develop meeting infrastructure in order to be able to fulfill our mission.
  • Increase research budget through dissemination, outreach and awareness to sponsors and potential local and external funding agencies.




    The Deanship of Scientific Research is responsible for the following tasks at the University of GJU:

  • Supervise research activities at GJU through the approval of research projects submitted to local/foreign funding agencies.
  • Encourage industry and companies to support faculty research projects.
  • Building research capacity, preparing the environment and enabling services.
  • Funding graduation projects, research, and teaching tasks.
  • Funding the dissemination of research as well as expenditures incurred through participation in international conferences.
  • Distribution of resources available to researchers and services.
  • Support online subscription for international journals.