Associate Professor
+962 6 4294444

Educational Background

Arabic language "language and grammar", University of Jordan,2010
Arabic language "language and grammar",University of Jordan,2007
Arabic Language and Literature,Mutah University,2004

Selected Publications

2016 Dr. Haytham Hammad,"Problem with Pronunciation of The Sound of The Letter (الضاد) for Native Arabic Speakers and Others "Diagnostic and Therapeutic",Umm Al-Qura University Journal of Languages and Literatures,Vol. 16, pp. 97- 154,2016
2016 Dr. Haytham Hammad Dr. Atef al- sallamat ,"The Translatability of the Implied Verb in the Holy Quran The translation By Yousef Ali",Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies,Vol(13),1,2016
2016 Dr. Haytham Hammad Dr. Reem Rabadi,"Hindrances Encountering Undergraduate Jordanian Translation Students when they Translate Islamic Terms",Arab World English Journal (AWEJ),Vol. 7 (3),2016
2015 Dr. Omar Abu Nawas Dr. Haytham Hammad,"The Role of Social Media in Teaching Language Skills",The University of Jordan / Second International Conference for Teaching: The Role of Language Teaching,2015
2015 Dr. Omar Abu Nawas and Dr. Haytham Hammad,"The Overcome of Derivative Adaptation of the Arabic language and its Impact on Arabs Speaking English",Yarmouk University / Conference: Literary Criticism XV ,2015
2015 Dr. Haytham Hammad ,"Linguistic Levels of Dubbed Advertisements in Satellite Channels, and on Their Impact on Achieving Communicative Competence",Arabic Language Academy / Conference Arabic language in Public Life,2015
2015 Dr. Reem Rabadi, Dr. Haytham Hammad,"Intonation, Juncture and Length: A Comparative Linguistic",Study between Arabic and English, AMARABAC,Vol. 6 (3), pp. 47– 63,2015
2014 Dr.Haytham Hammad,"Both side ellipsis To Zero morpheme",The Jordan Academy of Arabic,Vol.87,pp.137-186,2014
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2013 Dr. Haytham Hammad,"Textual Cohesion in the Surat Al- Rahman",Text between Critical Theories and Contemporary Linguistics/ Department of Arabic / Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan,October 30-31,2013
2012 Dr. Haytham Hammad,"Textual Cohesion in the Surat Al-Mulk",The magazine Ain Shams University,Vol. 18 (2),2012
Dr.Haytham Hammad Dr. Kawther Karain,"The Translatability of Different Linguistic Expressions in the Holy Quran that seem Synonymous",College of Islamic and Arabic Studies Magazine,
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Dr. Haytham Hammad,"Cultural Assimilation in Ibn Al Hadad Al Andulusi’s Language",Al-Zaytoonah University / Multiculturalism in Language and Literature,
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