Associate Professor of Logistics
Direct: +962-6-429-4631

Educational Background

Logistics, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Managerial Sciences

Selected Publications

2018 loay Salhieh, Ismail Abushaikha, Muhannad Atmeh , Metri Mdanat,"Transportation extended wastes and road haulage efficiency",International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management. Vol. 35, Issue 9.,Published by Emerald Publishing Limited,2018 [View]
2018 ,"The influence of logistics clustering on distribution capabilities: a qualitative study",International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management,Vol. 46 Issue: 6, pp.577-594,Emerald Publishing Limited,2018 [View]
2018 Ismail Abushaikha, loay Salhieh, Towers, Neil,"Improving distribution and business performance through lean warehousing", International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management,Forthcoming October 2018,Emerald,2018 [View]
2017 Omar Hiari, Dhiah el Diehn I. Abou-Tair , Ismail Abushaikha,"An IoT-Based Virtual Addressing Framework for Intelligent Delivery Logistics",Springer, Singapore,An IoT-Based Virtual Addressing Framework for Intelligent Delivery Logistics. In: Kim K., Joukov N. (eds) Information Science and Applications 2017. ICISA 2017. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 424. Springer, Singapore ,Springer, Singapore,2017 [View]
2016 Abushaikha, I., Schumann-Bölsche, D.,"Mobile phones: Established technologies for innovative humanitarian logistics concepts",in: Procedia Engineering, Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact,2016 [View]
2016 loay Salhieh, Ismail Abushaikha,"Assessing the driving forces for greening business practices: Empirical evidence from the United Arab Emirates’ logistics service industry",South African Journal of Business Management,Vol. 47, No.4,2016 [View]