Assistant Professor
+962 6 4294444

Educational Background

Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida
Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida
Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida
Research Interests

Electrochemical energy storage, batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, electronic materials synthesis and deposition, electrochemical characterization, renewable energy, photovoltaic systems, semiconductors


Funded Projects

  • Binary Metallic Catalysts for the Oxidation of Methanol in Fuel Cells (GJU Scientific Research).
  • Development of Higher Education Teaching Modules on The Socio-Economic Impacts of The Renewable Energy Implementation (ERASMUS+/EU).

Selected Publications

2018 Alkhalidi, A., Amano, R.S., Khawaja, M.,"Estimation Model of KLa Constant Using Bubble Release Rate and Bubble Size",Submitted,2018
2018 Alkhalidi, A., Khawaja, M., Al Kelany, A.G.,"Experimental investigation of repurposed materials utilization for environmental protection and reduction of overheat power losses in PV panels",Submitted,2018
2015 Ahmad, M., Khawaja, M., Notarianni, M., Wang, B., Goding, D., Gupta, B., Boeckl, J.J., Takshi, A., Motta, N., Saddow, S.E., Iacopi, F.,"A thin fil approach for SiC-derived as an on-chip electrode for supercapacitors",Nanotechnology 26,434005,2015
2014 Sharma, S., Khawaja, M., Ram, M.K., Goswami, D.Y., Stefanakos, E.,"Characterization of 10,12-pentacosadiynoic acid Langmuir–Blodgett monolayers and their use in metal–insulator–metal tunnel devices",Beilstein J. Nanotechnol,5, 2240-2247,2014
2014 Khawaja, M., Sharma, S., Ram, M.K., Goswami, D.Y., Stefanakos, E.,"Sol-gel synthesis of ruthenium oxide-graphene nanocomposites as electrode material for supercapacitor applications",Graphene 2, 117-122 ,2014