Dean of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor
+962 6 4294444

Educational Background

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Kansas State University
Civil Enginering, Jordan University of Science and Technology. Irbid, Jordan
Civil Engineering, Yarmouk University. Irbid, Jordan
Research Interests

1.  Water allocation Modeling.

2.  Reservoir management Modeling

3. Prediction and Assessment of Environmental impacts on the Surface water and Ground water Environment. Quantity and quality considerations, legislation’s, and methodology.

4.  Climate Change impacts on Water Resources and Climate change adaptation managementn

5. Decentralized Wastewater Management, Innovative wastewater Management options for  Small  Communities

6. Environmental Management Systems; Development, Implementation, and Auditing against local, international, and ISO 14001 standards

Selected Publications

2013 M. Albanna, Munjed. Al-Sharif , T. Nesheiwat ,"Financial Opportunities in Solid Waste Biomass Treatment in the Dead Sea",Global Conference on renewables and energy effieciency for desert regions, University of Jordan, Amman,2013
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