Associate Professor
F 007
+962 6 4294702 Ext. 4711

Educational Background

Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics
English Language and Literature. Minor Economy and Statistics

Selected Publications

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2015 Dr. Reem Rabadi, Dr. Haytham Hammad,"التنغيم والمَفْصل والطول: دراسة لسانية تقابلية بين العربية والإنجليز ية",أماراباك",ISSN 2161-3621,2015,2015
2015 Dr. Reem Rabadi, Dr. Haytham Hammad,"Intonation, Juncture and Length: A Comparative Linguistic",Study between Arabic and English, AMARABAC,Vol. 6 (3), pp. 47– 63,2015
2014 ,"The Use of Corpora in Linguistics",Journal of American Arabic Academy for Sciences and Technology (AMARABAC),Volume 5, Number 12, PP. 147 – 166.,2014
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