Associate Professor
+962 6 4294444

Educational Background

Education (Classroom Teacher)/ University of Jordan/1993
Research Interests

Observation of students' reality at universities, educational, social and cultural universities improvement, and success in his thesis concerned with qualifying students to be good citizens who effectively perform their roles and responsibilities in a civil democratic society. 

Selected Publications

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2019 Safa. N. Shweihat, Siham-Alqabandi, Adel Hawatmeh,"The Degree of Obstacle Severity of Social and Cultural Voluntary Work from the Perspective of Students at the German-Jordanian ",Dirasat: Human and social sciences,VOL (46) No (1) Supplement 2, pp (265-286),2019 [View]
2019 Safa. N. Shweihat, Bouad M. Khales,"The Educational Impact of Social Media and Ways to Activate From Prospective of Jordanian Universities' Students",Route Education and Social Science Journal),ISSN: 2148-5518., Volume 6 (4) March 2019 PP (39-61) ,2019 [View]
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