Associate Professor
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Educational Background

Economics, School of Business, Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany
Economics, School of Business, Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany
Economics, School of Business, University of Trento, Italy
Research Interests

Behavioral and experimental economics, game theory, institutional economics

Selected Publications

2016 Ibele, B., Sandri, S., Zikos, D.,"Endogenous versus Exogenous Rules in Water Management: An Experimental Cross-country Comparison, Mediterranean Politics",2016 [View]
2016 Sandri, S.,"The Need for Entrepreneurial Education in Jordan - An Empirical Investigation",Jordan Journal of Business Administration,Volume 12, No. 2,2016
2015 Fayyad, M., Sandri, S., Weiter, M., Zikos, D.,"Social Water Studies in the Arab Region",State of the Art and Perspectives, Entwicklungspolitische Themenreihe des Seminars für ländliche Entwicklung,Band 4,Berlin (on press),2015
2014 Alkhawaga,A., Belakhdar, N., Eickhof, I., Elkhawaga, O., Hamada, A., Harders, C., Sandri S.,"Arab Revolutions and Beyond: Change and Persistence, Center for Middle Eastern and North African Politics",Working Paper No. 11,2014
2013 Mußhoff, O., Odening, M., Schade, C., Maart, S. C.,"Inertia in Disinvestment Decision: Experimental Evidence",European Review of Agricultural Economics,40 (3): 463-485, doi: 10.1093/erae/jbs032,2013
2013 Sandri, S., Hauke, C., Dornberger U.,"Studie zur Innovations- und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Pharmazeutischen Industrie in Jordanien",SEPT working papers, University of Leipzig,no. 22, ISBN: 3-934693-21-0,2013
2010 Sandri, S., Schade, C., Mußhoff, O., Odening, M.,"Holding on for too long? An experimental study on inertia in entrepreneurs’ and non-entrepreneurs’ disinvestment choices",Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization,Vol. 76, Issue 1, 30-44,2010
2010 Balmann, A., Kellermann, K., Larsen, K., Schade, C., Sandri, S.,"Coordination and allocation on land markets under increasing scale economies and heterogeneous actors - An experimental study",Paper presented at the European Association of Agricultural Economists 114th Seminar,Berlin,2010
2009 Sandri, S.,"Reflexivity in Economics: An Experimental Examination on the Self-Referentiality of Economic Theories",Physica-Verlag,Heidelberg,2009
2009 Fiore, A., Morone, A., Sandri, S.,"On the absorbability of informational cascades in the laboratory",Journal of Socio-Economics (continued as, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics),Volume 38, Issue 5, 728-738,2009
2007 Sandri, S., Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, M.,"Recursivity and self-referentiality of economic theories and their implications for bounded rational actors",Dresden Discussion Paper Series in Economics,No. 3/ 07,Technische Universität Dresden,2007