Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) provides counseling, funding, and support services to faculty and students to conduct genuine research and produce quality publications. These services aim to enhance the researchers experience and guide them along their journey to complete their national and international research projects. 

GJU regulations and guidelines states that there are two methods to fund research projects,:


 DSR Internal Funding for Scientific Research

Faculty can benefit from three Internal Funding opportunities DSR provides:
  • Support for Seed Grants

This aims at opening new search lines for the researchers at the University ,providing that there is a convincing possibility to get funding for these lines from outer sources in the future.

  • Support for Supplementary Grants:

This aims at the fulfillment of the commitments regarding projects primarily supported by outer sources.

  •  Support for Stop-Gap-Grants:

This aims at providing support for the researchers when the outer support is unavailable or has been reduces.


Students can benefit from the following DSR Funding :
  • Support for student-projects 

aims at supporting the Graduate Studies students’ projects and the graduation projects for bachelor students. 


 Grants for Scientific Research from Out side the University Budget


  • Scientific research fund 

Research funding is provided by the Scientific Research Support Fund to help Jordanian scientists advance research in areas of national priority (see priorities of year 2018). 

Proposals for national research fund can be submitted following the SRF published guidelines.

  • EU funding opportunities 

             For more information, kindly visit International Projects Office.