Dual pilot module in Logistics at ALV enters its second phase, as crash courses are done

The Dual pilot module in Logistics, started on 6 September, is now in its second phase. GJU’s Logistics students have successfully managed to “survive” the crash courses given by lectures Dr. Ismail Abushaikha and Dr. Muhammad Alshboul, and now even more than before indulge into the practical work in different units of the Aqaba Logistics Village (ALV).

As the first crash course on Warehouse Management, also the seconds course with the topic Export & Import Management was attended by ALV staff (in addition to the three GJU students), namely an Operations Manager and one Logistician, who both attended full-time. Again, the general manager joined for some hours and gave input from his ample experience.

Fresh feedback from the ALV administration and Mr. Hakam Abul Feilat, the General Manager, indicates once more that the students add valuable ideas to the daily routines and procedures in the work.

Concerning the time structure of the module, lecturers and students already voiced some demand for a bit more time between the two crash courses and said it might be helpful if students prepare the content of the lectures individually beforehand. Besides this, after half-time it can be said that the pilot does not only match GJU’s and ALV’s expectations, but exceeds them.

Students are in continuous contact with their supervisors by phone and email and will hand in experience reports, in order to further enhance the module.

For more information, please consult Dr. Malik Alsharairi, Dean of SMLS, or Mr. Randolph Galla, Dual Studies Advisor at the OIL.

School of Management and Logistic Sciences