Our software development team implemented the E-Fawateercom services and integrated them with MyGJU. Accordingly, the students may instantly deposit money (via E-Banking) in their MyGJU accounts from the comfort of their homes. Consequently, when MyGJU receives an online banking payment, it will instantly account for its amount in the corresponding student's account balance in MyGJU, which may immediately cover the cost of the tuition fees for the course sections that the student desires to add during the registration period.

The E-Fawateercom services quickly gained popularity among the GJU students as they deposited over one million JDs in their MyGJU accounts using E-Banking in less than two months since the launch of these services. Furthermore, the percentage of the E-Banking payment transactions to the overall payment transactions exceeded 20% in that short period.

One part of this project addressed the implementation of a Student Validation web service. MadfooatCom uses this service to check if a student ID is valid before executing an E-Banking transaction (e.g., tuition fee payment) from the bank account of the student. In turn, the MyGJU web service will validate and check the status of the student with that ID based on his/her data in the MyGJU database and then send the result back to the caller for further action.

Another aspect of this project covered to the implementation of the Payment Notification web service. MadfooatCom uses this service to notify the MyGJU Accounting Information System (AIS) when a student submits an E-Banking payment transaction from his/her bank account. In response to that, the AIS will record and log the payment transaction in the MyGJU database and will immediately update the student’s account balance. The MyGJU web service in turn informs the caller whether the operation succeeded or failed for further action.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Feras Al-Hawari the ISTC director and Mr. Mohammad Habahbeh implemented this project in coordination with the Financial Department, MadfooatCom, EMP and Jordan Central Bank teams.