The study of human anatomy is a study of structure, specifically the structure of the human body.  As with many anatomical terms the word anatomy originates from Greek meaning “to cut” or “to cut open”. The study of anatomy, however, involves more than just cutting things open and identifying... Read more

Biomaterials is a field that includes the overlap of other fields such as biology and engineering. Understanding
materials properties is the first step to designing with the material. The properties to be studied in the lab are 
the mechanical properties which give the strength,... Read more

The movement of the human body is an important study for the enhancement of many fields, such as sports and medical applications. This understanding led to the development of artificial limbs and the prosthetic, allowing people to resume normal activities when a limb is lost. Athletes can... Read more

Analysis and operation of instrumetnation amplifiers, transducers, sensors and electrodes or physiological systems.

Principles of operation of selected devices: monitoring devices (blood pressure, blood flow, temperature), biopotential measurment systems (ECG, E)G, EMG) and hearing aids... Read more

In Medical Electronics I lab , the use of several important, ubiquitous pieces of electronics test equipment will be learned. This equipment completes the Electronics Laboratory Experiment later. The equipment used in this workshop includes a Digital Multimeter (DMM), an oscilloscope (O-scope),... Read more

The basic objective of this lab is to provide students with the understanding and skills so that they are able to analyze and design transistor circuits for amplifiers and other applications. Students are introduced to the concepts of small-signal modeling, active loads, biasing with current... Read more

In this lab, different signal processing techniques are applied on different types of medical signals, to make it easy to diagnosis and to process the signals that offer valuable information in a practically useless form. One of the main objectives for this lab is understanding the signals in... Read more