Q: when the deadline for submitting to QS ranking?

Depends on QS type

  • QS Arab 4 Feb
  • QS World 4 Feb
  • QS Employ-ability 25 March
  • QS Employer/ Academic 4 Feb
  • QS ESG 28 March

Q: When the deadline for submitting the applications for the creation of new academic programs to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research?

The requests are submitted in two periods during the year, starting from the beginning of January to the end of February, and the second period from the beginning of August until the end of October

Q: When the university proficiency test?

By the end of first and second semester of each academic year

Q: How many times a student can take the university proficiency test?

Once only

Q: What is the importance of the university proficiency test?

  • Required  for graduation
  • Required for the Civil Service Bureau
  • Required for the Jordanian Engineers Syndicate

Q: When the deadline for submitting accreditation applications?

After obtaining the approval for creation a new major from the Ministry of Higher Education

Q: When do we need to raise the academic programs capacity ?

After exceeding the prescribed capacity by the accreditation commission