When are the Office Hours of the OIL?

Students returning from Germany wishing to submit the internship report and certificate or for questions in this regard:

Madaba B 111

Sunday-Monday 8:00-12:00
Tuesday-Wednesday 13:00-16:00
Thursday 8:00- 10:00

Jabal-Amman S1 212

Sunday 11:00-16:00

Students or Alumni wanting help in the application process in Germany are kindly requested to take an appointment with Ms. Malena Knauth (malena.knauth@gju.edu.jo) or Mr. Mieszko Domanski (mieszko.domanski@gju.edu.jo).


Do I need to submit the original copy of my internship certificate and report?

Within latest 2 month after your return to Jordan after the end of your German Year you are required to submit:

  • 2 hard copies of the internship report
    meaning normally the original and a copy
  • 3 copies of the certificate

    NOTE: you must show us the original certificate, which you can keep once we saw it

For further questions please also check the documents uploaded in the Internships in Germany section.

My internship company in Germany wants me to include a Privacy Statement in my internship report, what is it and where can I find one?

A privacy statement (or secrecy agreement) is like a legally binding promise you make to the company of not publishing any of the information within the report or make the content accessible to anybody but your supervisor at the university who needs to approve your internship. According to our internship report instructions you would need to include it in your report if a company requires it.

You can find many examples for privacy statements online and often companies would have their own sample. If they do please use theirs, otherwise you could use the one below:

Privacy Statement

Due to confidential reasons, publishing, replicating i.e. copying of the contents of this report and/or making the content available for a third party is strongly prohibited.