What is the Office for Industrial Links doing and what does it offer for students

The Office for Industrial Links (OIL) helps with questions related to the internship in Germany.

We offer CV and Cover Letter checks for Students and Alumni.

We check if the internship meets the GJU requirements (not the relation to your major).

We provide Students with lists of German companies who have taken GJU students as interns previously.

We assist Students in case they cannot find an internship.

We accept the internship documents (report and certificate) after finishing the internship. 


How can I contact the Office for Industrial Links?

You can send us an email or visit us at the Office during the office hours

  • Campus Madaba Office B 103
  • Campus Amman Office SI 215


Our email addresses



Please note: If you want that your application documents get checked, you have to book an appointment.


If you have to contact someone in Germany, please contact the Project Office in Magdeburg (support.gy@german-jordanian.org).


When are the office hours of the Office for Industrial Links?

Campus Madaba B 103

Sunday-Monday 8:00-12:00
Tuesday-Wednesday 13:00-16:00
Thursday 8:00- 10:00

SABE Campus Jabal-Amman SI 215

Sunday 09:00-15:00


Is there someone I can contact in Germany during my stay?

Yes there is. There is the Project Office in Magdeburg that you can contact: support.gy@german-jordanian.org

Is our internship a voluntary internship (freiwilliges Praktikum) or a mandatory/obligatory internship (Pflichtpraktikum)?

It is a mandatory/obligatory internship (Pflichtpraktikum).

What are the GJU internship requirements for the internship in Germany? 

The requirements are a duration of at least 20 weeks, minimum 35 working hours per week (fulltime) and your internship tasks have to be related to your major

What kind of information or documents does the GJU need to confirm my internship?

To confirm your internship we need: 

  • Visitors’ address of your company/office (kindly write it in the e-mail)
  • full name and e-mail of your supervisor within the company/office (kindly write it in the e-mail)
  • a scanned version of the contract with your and your employer’s signature


Please send upload them here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DKsLGYcTWgJndXsxyb357MixtJWokzCnNe38fVg9DkM 


How can I check if my internship tasks are related to my major?

To make sure (if not obvious), that your internship tasks are related to your major, you have to check with your specific school’s exchange coordinator

Should I send the contract to the OIL ( and my exchange coordinator) before signing it

Please make sure that the requirements are fulfilled. You have to upload your contract plus information here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DKsLGYcTWgJndXsxyb357MixtJWokzCnNe38fVg9DkM 

After your upload, you will get a confirmation email. If the requirements are not fulfilled, we will also inform you.

You should also ask your exchange coordinator before signing, if the internship tasks are related to your major. 

Please note and be aware, that it is your responsibility to make sure that the GJU requirements are fulfilled. 


To whom should I send my internship information and contract for the confirmation?

You do not have to send it to us anymore. Please upload it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DKsLGYcTWgJndXsxyb357MixtJWokzCnNe38fVg9DkM 


What kind of documents do I have to submit after finishing my internship and when?

Within latest 2 month after your return to Jordan (after the end of your German Year) you are required to submit:

  • 2 hard copies of the internship report
    meaning the original plus 1 copy
  • 3 copies of the internship certificate
    meaning the original plus 3 copies
    NOTE: Here in this case, we have to see the original certificate! You will get it back immediately so you will keep it

For further questions please also check the documents uploaded in the Internships in Germany section.

How many copies of the certificate and report do I have to submit after I finished my internship? 

  • 2 hard copies of the internship report

    meaning the original plus a copy

  • 3 copies of the internship certificate

    NOTE: you must show us the original certificate, which you can keep once we saw it.


For further questions please also check the documents uploaded in the Internships in Germany section.

My internship company in Germany wants me to include a Privacy Statement in my internship report, what is it and where can I find one?

A privacy statement (or secrecy agreement) is like a legally binding promise you make to the company of not publishing any of the information within the report or make the content accessible to anybody but your supervisor at the university who needs to approve your internship. According to our internship report instructions you would need to include it in your report if a company requires it.

You can find many examples for privacy statements online and often companies would have their own sample. If they do please use theirs, otherwise you could use the one below:

Privacy Statement

Due to confidential reasons, publishing, replicating i.e. copying of the contents of this report and/or making the content available for a third party is strongly prohibited.