The one-months course in dual mode, GJU’s first attempt to combine academic teaching and learning with practical training in a real-world environment, just came to its end. Students were evaluated by their company supervisors at ALV and, back at GJU, passed two final exams. Grading is completed, and students’ results were excellent both in theory and with regards to their practical performance.

The evaluation process did not only focus on the students, but also on the practicalities of the execution of the module itself. As this was a first-time-ever pilot, carried out under difficult conditions (starting directly after the Aid al-Adha, at a far-away location, at a time - September - where a lot of academic staff is on vacation and out of the normal semester routine), students as well as teachers could rightfully feel themselves as pioneers, but naturally, as it can be expected from any test, they also faced some challenges.

The students involved unanimously reported that the dual module was a great experience and increased their understanding of the subject tremendously.

“It was very satisfying and rewarding to put our theoretical knowledge into practice, and we got to know every single aspect of the work at ALV”, they said. “We love this concept.

We now understand far better why we learn certain things in class at GJU, and got a real feeling for the environment, in which we will work after graduation.”

Concerning the practical execution of the module, there is certainly still some room for improvement, e.g. concerning preparation of the students prior to the start of the module, accommodation and transportation, intensity of contact between University and Company during the stay of the students at ALV, or the chronological organization of the topics of the curriculum. The experiences gained will surely help to carry out further pilot modules in an even better way.

Notwithstanding some shortcomings in its practical execution, all involved parties – students, teachers, ALV staff and management - consider the module an outstanding accomplishment.

As the General Manager of ALV, Mr. Hakam Abulfeilat put it: “We are extremely happy and proud that the ALV dual pilot module was a great success, and we assure you of our full commitment to the Dual Study project. Great steps have been taken by GJU to make this extremely important upgrade in the Jordanian Higher Education System.”