Research of the academic staff at the School of Applied Medical Sciences covers the following areas:- Architecture of advanced nano-structured materials for adsorption in environmental applications. Synthesis of biologically active molecules based on diversity-oriented libraries for the utilization and optimization of potential drug targets. Conjugation of cancer-therapy agents to scaffold-like molecules for improved targeting, tracking, and destruction of malignant cells. Medical and clinical microbiology especially among Streptococci and related infections. Molecular identification of resistance mechanisms in bacteria Epidemiology of resistance, colonization of pathogenic bacteria Clonal relationship between isolates of bacteria, including Multi Locus Sequence Typing (MLST) and Phylogenetic analysis Chemotherapy consultation Kinetics of newly synthesized chemotherapeutic agents Resistance analysis Medical application of radiation. Gamma spectroscopy, X-ray florescence and spectroscopy and its application in medicine. Non-invasive technique for cancer diagnostic MRI coil spectroscopy. DNA damage by high LET radiation. UV light and the induction of melanoma. Synchrotron spectroscopy. Biomaterials application in medicine. Existing research projects funded by GJU : Al-Laham, A.: “Colonization of Streptococcus pneumoniae in Jordanian population under 5 years of age”, GJU Fund, 2007. Al-Gharabli, S.: “Synthesis of Peptides and Peptidal Precursor for PET (Positron Emission tomography) biomarkers”, GJU Fund, 2007. Abu-Daabes, M., Abu Qdais, H.: Treatment of Heavy Metals in Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachates, GJU Fund, 2007. Al-Kazwini, A.: Radioactivity intake due to smoking "Tinbac" , clinical and scientific approach . GJU Fund, 2008. Abu El-Rub, Z, Al-Gharabli, S.I: "Development of novel insulating paints from local natural resources".GJU Fund.  Abu El-Rub, Z, Al-Gharabli, S.I: "Investigating experimental correlation between Fischer Assay yield of oil shale and Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)". GJU,JOSCO Fund. Existing research projects funded by international funding agencies: Al-Laham, A.: Susceptibility and mechanisms of resistance of macrolide resistant Streptococcus pyogenes (GAS) isolates from children with Tonsillopharyngitis. Al-Gharabli, S.: Oil shale project