German Language Regulations For The German Year


The compulsory acquisition of an official B1 certificate was introduced for all BA students at the GJU in 2017. After a four-year transition period, the regulation that all GJU students must pass an official full B1 certificate in order to graduate from the German Jordanian University has been in effect since the 2nd semester 2020/2021.

What is new is that you no longer have to take the B1 exam as an additional exam to your German 5 final exam, but the B1 exam will now be your final exam in German 5. There will be no additional exams in German 5, only the B1 exam at the end of the course. German 5 will be graded as "passed" or "failed". You have passed German 5 if you have passed at least two parts of the B1 exam.

Starting with the summer course 2021, there will be two different German 6 courses: German 6 Regular and German 6 Intensive.



In the course, German 6 Regular with 6 contact hours, only the technical languages, job application training, and intercultural training will be offered. You can register for this course if you have passed the final examination in German 5 with four certificate parts (Full B1). German 6 Regular is considered passed if you have passed boththe technical languages and the job application training. The course is graded as "passed" or "failed".

If you have passed the final exam in German 5 with two or three certificate parts, then you must register for the course German 6 Intensive. This course has 9 contact hours and offers an intensive preparation for the B1 exam in addition to technical language, job application training, and intercultural training. The B1 exam is also an integrated final exam in German 6. You have to take the parts of the B1 exam that you did not pass in German 5. The German 6 Intensive course is also graded as "passed" and "failed". You have passed German 6 Intensive if you have passed the technical languages and application training and if you add the missing B1 part (s).

Students who do not pass German 6 (Intensive or Regular) still have the possibility to go into the German Year. However, they must take a B1-level course equivalent to the German 6 course at a GJU partner university in addition to the minimum course load and according to ECTS of technical courses for the German Year study semester. If they pass this B1-level course in addition to passing the missing parts of the B1 certificate, they are exempted from German 6.

Students who do fail the equivalent German B1-level course or the exam for the missing parts of the B1 certificate even during their year in Germany, have to register and pass German 6 Intensive or German 6 Regular, depending on how many certificate parts B1 have already been passed (Four parts: German 6 Regular / 2 to 3 parts: German 6 Intensive) back at GJU in order to graduate.

Please visit our e-Manual for GJU Students (available also in Arabic) to find the answers to several questions we received from you. If you still have questions that are not included in this e-Manual for GJU Students, feel free to address Ms. Eman Asenwar with your question exclusively in written form.

Information regarding the B1 examinations in the B2 track will be sent directly to the course participants soon and will also be included in the handbook. 

We wish you a successful start to the semester!