Internship In Germany

All GJU Bachelor students are to spend their fourth year in Germany. They study for one semester in one of GJU’s partner Universities, while spending the second semester doing an obligatory internship (“Studentisches Pflichtpraktikum”) of at least 20 weeks full time with a German company.

Students are responsible to find an internship opportunity on their own. However, the International Affairs Department (contact: and the GJU Project Office in Magdeburg (contact: provide students with assistance and support in all issues related to their practical training.

Internship offers and information about the study and internship year in Germany can also be found on the GJU Outgoing Index Facebook Group  and on the International Affairs department Facebook Page.

Important information about the internship application process, internship rules, regulations and required documents can be found by visiting the links below:


Application Process and required documents 

CV & Cover letter


  • CV & Cover letter check  

For having your application documents checked we kindly ask you for the following:

  1. An attached checklist can be used to help the students to eliminate the most frequent mistakes in their CV’s.
  2. The cover letter must be adjusted to a certain internship position.
  3. After preparing CV and Cover letter, the student must fill in the following form for booking an appointment: Request for Application Document Check (


    How to search for an internship in Germany 

    Please scan the code shown below to view the list of websites that can be used to search for an internship in Germany.









    After finding an internship , How to prepare yourself for the interview ? 


    How to Upload Internship contract on MyGJU ? 

    Steps for uploading Internship contract on MyGJU 

    Its very important to upload your internship contract on MYGJU and receive the approval from internship team at IAD before starting your internship.


    Required documents after the Internship