GJU Staff Mobility Program 

(formerly known as Train the Trainer) 

Program Description

Every year, the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) support a number of GJU candidates to participate in the GJU Staff Mobility Program in Germany through a competitive process.

The program provides GJU academic and administrative staff first hand working experiences at one of GJU German partner universities of Applied Sciences as well as within industries related to GJUs programs of studies and strengthens relations between GJU and its partners. It is expected that academic staff will be involved in teaching and research and administrative staff will be involved in professional activities related to their working profile at GJU.


Duration and Purpose

For Academic Staff, the Train the Trainer Program supports a stay of up to three weeks during the academic semester or up to four weeks during the summer semester for the purpose of:

  • Teaching at one of GJU´s partner universities
  • The initiation or development of teaching and/or research cooperations in future partner faculty/universities
  • Discovering and practicing new teaching methods and techniques, in addition to familiarizing oneself with academic and self-management approaches in class
  • Participating in field related projects
  • Development of study programs with the partner universities as well as the exchange of teaching methods and curriculum contents

Please note that personal research projects will not be supported in the frame of the GJU staff mobility program!

For Administrative Staff, the Train the Trainer Program supports a stay up to four weeks for the purpose of:

  • Observation
  • Job Shadowing
  • Study visits
  • Participating in Seminars and Workshops



The program supports the participants with an amount of 1.500 EUR (set amount, regardless if duration is three or four weeks) for their stay in Germany through DAAD funds. This amount should cover all visa costs, accommodation and living expenses in Germany. The GJU covers travel expenses of up to 650 JOD and continues the salary payment during the stay in Germany.


Who can apply? 

Any academic and administrative staff at GJU, who has been employed at GJU for at least two years and commits to stay at GJU for at least one year after the program, can participate. In addition to that, a B2 level of English (or German) is mandatory when applying. (Relevant only for administrative staff: language level must be certified no longer than two years ago.)

Please note:

  • Employees who were funded last year will not be considered this year!
  • Applicants with German citizenship only, who are therefore employed at GJU as German citizens, cannot be considered!
  • Applicants that have dual citizenship and are not employed as German citizens are eligible to apply.

How to apply? (Only for 2023, the 2022 spots will be given to the 2020 batch due to Covid-19)

Please only apply after the Call for Applications has been published, most likely in October 2022. The application needs to include the following documents and must be submitted to the International Office. Only complete applications will be considered.

  • Application form with the signature of your dean or supervisor
  • Letter of recommendation by your dean or supervisor
  • Updated CV
  • Proof of English or German B2 level (Only for administrative staff)
  • Letter of intent in English (or German), that states: ​What do you hope to do and learn in Germany during your stay? ​What are the expected benefits of your training for your department at GJU?
  • Invitation letter from the German host institution (If already available)

You will find the all documents for download on this website when the call for applications is published. 

All eligible applicants will be invited for an interview with a GJU selection committee, which will nominate suitable candidates. The final decision is then made by the president of GJU and the Project Office at Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal. The results will be communicated to the candidates and the respective supervisors. Contact person in all cases is the Program Mobility Coordinator Laura Schergaut from the International Office.



Please ask the International Office or your Faculty to approach a host university. After selected, all participants have to attend several meetings, including individual counseling and an intercultural training. A written proposal is mandatory as well as a final report after the mobility and presenting your mobility to the IO, the presidency and fellow participants. Detailed information and requirements will be shared with the participants in due time. 


Contact Information

To submit your application or for further inquiries please ask:  

Marvin Luedemann

Program Coordinator

Building F, Office 019


Tel.: +962 6 4294896

German landline: +49 391 505 47432