Upon invitation of Joramco Academy, the Office for Industrial Links (OIL) of the German Jordanian University visited Joramco’s facilities located next to Queen Alia Airport Amman. The visit aimed at learning more about the Academy’s program and the company’s maintenance hub and to discuss cooperation opportunities in the field of Dual Studies and and GJU’s activities in the Field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The OIL was represented by its Director, Mrs. Britta Kähler, the Dual Studies Advisor Mr. Randolph Galla, the Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PIE) Manager, Eng. Jamil Alkhatib, as well as GJU students who are actively engaged in GJU’s recently opened Innovation Space.
The group was guided by Mr. Ramzi Mansour, Head of Joramco Academy, who first introduced the hangars in which aircrafts receive complete maintenance in addition to the different workshops, whether related to brakes, tires, electrical devices or cabin equipment. Joramco is the largest facility for aircraft maintenance in the region with about 1000 employees. Mr. Mansour informed about upcoming developments in the aircraft industry and mentioned that around 60.000 new technical staff will be needed in this highly sophisticated industry in the MENA region alone in the coming years.

Joramco Academy offers a vocational training program (“sandwich mode”)  with a duration of 4 years in the field of aviation, aerospace, engineering, and related fields that combines theoretical phases and practical on-the-job training in Joramco’s hangars.

The group elaborated on possible fields of common activities in GJU’s upcoming Dual Studies program as well as entrepreneurial activities like GJU Hackathons in which GJU and Joramco Academy students would develop solutions for real life challenges. In addition, Joramco provides internship and job opportunities for GJU students, the possibility to implement graduation projects and to make topics available for this end, and is looking forward to share their expertise with GJU faculty members and students.

The GJU delegation would like to thank Mr. Mansour and his colleagues for their hospitality and the opportunity to get a deep insight into their fascinating business, which will help to better connect the university programs with the workplace reality and foster GJU’s vision of an applied education.

For more information about Joramco: www.joramco.com. For whole article and more pictures, click here.