Our mission is to insure that the GJU starts as one of the outstanding universities in Jordan and one of the prestigious universities to attend in the region, so as to move towards becoming a prominent university recognized for its excellence wherever our graduates go.

In order to achieve our mission, the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office at GJU is assigned to fulfill the following goal:

"Ensure high quality at the university as a whole (general accreditation) and at different programs, both at the bachelor and the masters levels, including all the majors offered at the university (professional accreditation)."

To this aim, GJU will strive to meet all criteria required by the appropriate national as well as international agencies.

The GJU applied for and already acquired general accreditation from the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC).

The University has also acquired professional accreditation for all of its newly-established Masters programs.

The Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business, which is the Business School for Graduate Studies at GJU, was also accredited for its MBA program by the Federation International for Business Administration Accreditation FIBAA, an accreditation agency working to accredit universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is the first MBA program in Jordan to acquire such a prestigious international accreditation.

Now, after moving to our permanent campus, the GJU will strive to be one of the first public universities to renew the accreditation of all its programs, whether at the bachelor or the masters level.

Our next step will be moving from local accreditation and quality assurance to international recognition and accreditation.

A Committee for the Study Plans and another Committee for Accreditation were established at GJU, headed by the GJU Vice President, to follow up on all the accreditation issues and to quicken procedures.

Through these two committees we established a connection between GJU and the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC), and we shall see to maintaining this flow of communication.

We are also responsible for the supervision of the Competency Test for all students expected to graduate, as required by the Commission (HEAC) too.

All students’ academic transcripts from our partner German universities, the equivalencies of the courses passed there by our students, together with the approval of their internships, are forwarded to our office for follow up and filing.

The QAA Office also keeps a close relationship with the GJU Office for Industrial Links together with the GJU International Office through the German Year Committee and the German Year Subcommittee to insure the quality of the students' stay in Germany.

Supervising the submission of the evaluations completed by students concerning instructors and courses each semester, for all courses they attend, enables the GJU to take a closer look at the performance of its instructors as well, the academic value of the course, and to hear the opinion of students on all this, which is the most important aspect, because they are our targeted group and main stakeholders.

During the busy period of new admissions, and because admission to the GJU is not part of the unified admission system applied to all other public universities, all the new students and their families, who come personally to apply to GJU, are welcomed by our team, together with the Admission and Registration Department team, where all our admission regulations and procedures are explained thoroughly to each and every one of them. Updating admission regulations is also part of our work.

The QAA Office shall continue to work hard to achieve excellence and maintain the high standards of GJU.