The Alumni Association provides quality programs and services to Alumni members and acts as a resource for extending the university’s presence worldwide. Our chapters are a big part of our outreach programs and initiatives. GJU Alumni helps foster a sense of community – both on and off campus – by cultivating lasting relationships and enriching positive support and loyalty to GJU.

GJU Alumni strives to incorporate five major principles:

  • Service: To make a positive impact on the community by doing community service projects such as medical awareness campaigns, educational events, and other worthwhile programs. 
  • Student Recruitment:  To serve as admissions representatives in their area. This is a great place for alumni to meet the next generation of alumni and to share their experiences with them. Making that personal connection truly makes a difference. 
  • Scholarships:  To raise money to provide scholarships for local students who wish to attend GJU. 
  • Social: Hold social functions to help our alumni stay in touch with fellow alumni in their area. This is a great way to relive the past, network with fellow alumni or just catch up on what is happening in the University. 
  • Mentoring/Career Networking:  GJU Alumni and its members offer advice, guidance and support to other alumni and students. In addition, the GJU Alumni provides networking opportunities for new graduates and fellow alumni