The Career Guidance and Alumni Office / King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) has been seeking to achieve the mission and vision of the fund since its opening day at the university. This fund stimulates comprehensive development through supporting activities, providing programs that encourage creativity and excellence among Jordanian youth, including university students, developing their talents, and offering them training opportunities and professional support. 

KAFD’s vision is to promote sustainable progress and prosperity and elevate the socioeconomic status in Jordan in general and at universities in particular. 

KAFD’s mission is to seek to fairly distribute development gains among governorates through supporting the efforts of increasing productivity, establishing pioneering productive projects for citizens, and supporting the efforts of raising community awareness. 

Accordingly, the office has attained many achievements during the previous years by providing various training programs in multiple fields and specializations targeting all university students at different academic levels. These courses were divided into general courses for all students and advanced specialized courses aimed at providing students with the necessary competencies and skills to enter the labor market, holding many awareness-raising seminars and lectures that deal with many critical social issues mostly affecting our youth, and continuously conducting career guidance forums, noting that all of these programs were held in collaboration with many voluntary and civil society organizations.